Actor Chris Pratt usually isn't the first person that you think about when seeking sage words of wisdom. Although it's true that he's known for often playing a sarcastic role, that didn't stop him from collecting the prestigious Generation Award at the MTV Movie and TV Awards--and that's no small feat. The award goes to an artist who has shown a "variety of impressive roles, a personal and professional flair, and an awesome level of talent".

As such, Pratt took the opportunity to dole out some real-life words of wisdom, including some of the following that bears repeating: 

"Breathe. If you don't, you will suffocate."

There's virtually an infinity of ways you could interpret this. Although his delivery was comedic, it's probably safe to assume the true implications are not just about the air, here.

Take your time. Slow down. Relax. 

Any business owner or entrepreneur is faced with an endless sea of stressful situations--situations that require meticulous attention to overcome before you can mentally hit the reset button and press onward. Pratt's words remind us to, as often as possible, come back to yourself in the present and appreciate it for what it is--a journey. The past is gone and the future isn't real. This moment, this body, is all you have control over. Breathe.

...or you'll suffocate. 

"You have a soul. Be careful with it."

To disagree on a semantic level would be to miss the point. So what is the point? 

There is a part of you that only you know, and only you can talk to. Stop doing things that hurt that part of you, and start (or keep) doing things that help that part of you. At work, try to dial down the cynicism and sarcasm, and turn up the childlike wonder at this beautiful chaos we're all participating in. Harness and protect your moral compass for good and it will be infectious to you and your surrounding colleagues. 

"Don't be a turd. If you are strong, be a protector. If you are smart, be a humble influencer. Strength and intelligence can be weapons, so do not wield them against the weak. That makes you a bully. Be bigger than that."

This one kind of speaks for itself, right?

True leaders embody the attributes of strength and intelligence while extending those characteristics to action. Continue to leverage those 'weapons' for the greater good. 

"It doesn't matter what it is. Earn it. A good deed. Reach out to someone in pain. Be of service. It feels good and it's good for your soul."

Ever feel like you've been luckier or more privileged than you deserve? Why not pay it forward? Consider taking a new intern under your wing or tutelage, or become a mentor to a rising talent in need.  

There's a saying in creative circles: 'process over product'. Basically, it means that what you do is more rewarding than what you get for doing it, and this can apply to how we treat others, too. Sure, being kind to a stranger (or your mother-in-law, or that one incredibly annoying colleague) isn't going to win you any awards, but it might just make you--and them--feel a little better. And that positive feeling will absolutely extend to both your personal and professional life.

Even with a dose of humor, Pratt's passionate speech effectively bestowed wisdom on a captive audience who all felt his passionate words--words that are certainly ones to live by.

Published on: Jun 26, 2018
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