Side hustles can be a legitimate means to bring in wanted funds, network, and improve your emotional well-being. You just need to take some time to find one that's right for you.

1. Seriously think about your hobbies.

Ideally, a great side hustle is something you enjoy. Like animals? Maybe you could be a dog walker. Cooking more your thing? Maybe you could bake for birthday parties. With everything from app design to mural painting in demand, just be honest about your passions.

2. Consider available time.

Some side gigs, like editing or picking up someone's groceries, can be done in spurts or at odd hours, or they don't require a lot of time overall. Certain options, therefore, could be more feasible based on your schedule.

3. Consider the interaction you want.

The Internet means you can do all sorts of work remotely, even in the middle of the night. And you might find that the demand for your skills in another region is higher, depending on whether your location gives you a degree of expertise. If you're more of a socialite, think more along the lines of community or physical services.

4. Check out online sites.

Even if you want to work face-to-face with people, there are third party websites that can help you connect with clients. Examples include:

Buzz around these types of sites to get a sense of what people are buying and how to price.

5. Talk to others in your personal or business networks.

Talking to others is a terrific way to discover where there's a market for you. Not sure where to network? Embrace services like Meetup and groups on LinkedIn or Facebook. Many freelancers look to outsource extra work, so start thinking being more vocal in where services or products you provide may be relevant. Or, maybe you'll discover a need for researchers or study participants by contacting universities (which is very common).

You might need to be patient for a payoff depending on which side hustle you go with. But with a bit of perseverance and resilience, the payoff will happen. Get out and go for it in 2017!