On February 6, 2018, Elon Musk and his SpaceX team launched the Falcon Heavy rocket into space. Not only was this rocket launch a massive undertaking and a huge success (Musk was happy that it didn't blow up), but the fact that the SpaceX team also launched a Tesla Roadster into orbit was a major surprise for space enthusiasts around the globe.

The Falcon Heavy launch was such a milestone that marketers, brand builders, and all entrepreneurs around the world could learn several powerful lessons.

1. Go Bigger

It's okay to try things others think are impossible or too big to attain. Elon Musk didn't let naysayers stop him from sending his Tesla into space; why let the opinions of others stop you from trying marketing tactics others fear to try? Musk didn't think outside-the-box, he went out of the world -- literally. I think it's safe to say if you go somewhere in the middle of a box and space, it'll be a massive success.

2. Find The Edge 

Speaking of sending a Tesla into space, marketers could well learn a valuable lesson by Musk's supreme act of branding. Car manufacturers will be hard pressed to match his marketing prowess by taking his brand to the stars (quite literally). Don't be afraid to think globally with your marketing ideas. Let yourself imagine massive marketing maneuvers and contemplate the rewards if you were able to pull off an incredible marketing campaign others fear to even dream about.

3. Own Every Marketing Channel

The adage 'go big or go home' definitely applies to the Falcon Heavy launch. Musk's willingness to think big is a trait marketers would be well advised to try. Don't settle for just a content marketing strategy or SEO win. Think how your project can truly command all social media channels, organic search, word-of-mouth, and all the press headlines. Hit them all and go back to tip #1 if you don't think you can.

4. Recycle Assets

Musk's choice to create reusable rocket boosters should be a reminder to marketers to reuse the content they create. Just because a brand asset was created for one purpose, that doesn't mean you can't reuse that asset in a multitude of ways -- re-purpose them. The next time you create a blog post, social media content, or some grandiose piece of video content, ask yourself how many ways you can reuse your newly created brand asset to 'skyrocket' its value for your business (pun intended). I don't know where "Starman" in the driver's seat of the Roadster came from, but my hunch makes me think that it was from some launch event and the conversation went something like this:

Event Manager: "What are we going to do with 'Starman'?"

Musk: "Let's put it in the driver's seat of my Roadster and launch it into space."

5. Embrace Innovation

Elon doesn't let competition stop him from innovating. Just because Jeff Bezos is building in the space exploration sector (and pretty much every other sector, it seems), Musk doesn't stop trying new things to further the growth of his SpaceX company. Businesses shouldn't be intimidated by others doing well in their niche or acquiring greater market share. If you're willing to learn from the success of others, who knows how much your company can grow with ongoing effort. So, have the roundtable meetings, gather feedback, and set the standard to encourage innovation. The dividends could be sky high (I forced that pun). 

Elon Musk is definitely an admirable entrepreneur and pioneer. The feats he has accomplished have been nothing short of staggering. The message is simple: anyone who want to up their marketing game would be smart to follow his lead and double-down on big thinking.