Let's all agree right off the bat that Cheetos totally rock as a snack (OK, maybe not as a healthy snack, but where taste is concerned, it's hard to deny their that they are addictive sticks of puffy orange goodness). But dangit, can Cheetle--that tell-tale dust that sticks to your fingers and everything else in Cheetos' path--be a problem. Well, take heart because Frito-Lay has heard your pain and created a new clothing line to hide Cheetle and make enjoying your favorite orange snack a clean breeze.

What's proposed

Frito-Lay developed the new 'snackwear' fashion line with help from Betabrand, a retail clothing and crowdfunding company. The line features 10 pieces, including a leopard-print ascot (with a hidden compartment for your Cheetos!), sound-muffling muffler that enables ladies to open Cheetos quietly and a blazer, plus parasols, hats, suspenders and pants.

But there shall only be one

Now, before you spend your life savings in Cheetos, hang on to your excitement for just a sec. Frito-Lay hasn't released any of the items for sale yet, and it's not the plan to bring all the pieces to your closet. It's going to release just the clothing item that gets the most Betabrand votes. So if you've got your heart set on the pants with built-in napkins, you have to put in your vote in between snacking.

Orange-inspired fun with a real plan

Cheetos-inspired clothes might seem silly, but Frito-Lay actually is hitting on a decent strategy. In a way, the line allows the company to poke a little fun at what it knows is a gripe about its product--people usually respond well to a bit of self-depreciating humor. And the company probably isn't out to gain a ton of new eaters--the lighthearted line appeals to people who already love Cheetos and who are willing to make a clothing buy just because of the novel association. It's like giant bow ties, only better (because there's food involved, naturally).

Just goes to show you, gimmicky niche marketing can be both innovative and a pretty tasty idea.