The internet was floored when Elon Musk's schedule was revealed, which broke down how the iconic CEO spends the time in very defined pockets. Where that level of discipline is beyond admirable (translation: I'm jealous), here's what he definitely should keep on the clock--and what he, and others, might want to reconsider.

The beautiful

Shower--Research suggests Musk doesn't have to do this daily, but nobody likes an odor emitting from them. Plus, the shower can be a great place to get inspired.

Travel--Psychologically, it's beneficial for Musk to get into new environments and should be highly encouraged.

Time with the kids--Saturdays are for family. Sort of. Musk says he is "able to be with [the kids] and still be on email". We get it, but undivided attention would be better.

Forgoing most calls and using an obscure email address--Controlling communication means controlling distraction.

Exercise--Musk should be exercising more often than his once or twice a week, but the exercise he does get has a host of benefits.

Reading--A perfect pastime for both relaxation and learning.

Partying--Normally this one would be a yellow flag, but he has to have a break somewhere. Do your think, Musk.

The ugly

Up at 7:00 a.m.--Musk at least gets up when it's light out, but his total sleep (6 hours) pushes the limits based what the National Sleep Foundation recommends for adults.

No breakfast, 5-minute lunches and bigger, later meals--Musk typically doesn't start the day by fueling up. That could be setting him up for potential problems and eating later in the day is associated with a higher caloric intake overall. It's hard to appreciate or get pleasure from a 5 minute lunch, and eating fast makes overeating more likely.

80 to 100 hours a week--Who is Elon Musk outside of business? It's hard to find out, because he gives himself so little time outside the office. He tries to multitask for much of this time, which is actually more exhausting for the brain.

I applaud Elon's ability to keep pace with this level of disciplined scheduling, but as all entrepreneurs have felt, burning the candle at both ends can only last for so long. There are also particular aspects of his schedule that some find most appealing, including entrepreneur and film director,  Steven Ilous,

"In world of constant distractions creating a day to day framework that taps into our reward systems breeds efficiency."

So, what's the scheduling revelation? You adapt. Musk certainly does what he needs to support his pioneering initiatives. Not all Musk [schedules] are created equally, so adjust and tweak whatever is necessary to optimize yours.