If you saw a vehicle moving out of control on the road, would you sacrifice your own car (and risk injury) to force that vehicle to stop? That's exactly what happened to a Tesla owner in Germany, as reported by Patrik Stabler of Muenchner Merkur and Kirsten Korosec of Fortune. While cruising along on Germany's Autobahn near Munich, Manfred Kick noticed a Volkswagen Passat moving slowly and erratically on the road. When Kick was close enough to see inside the vehicle, he saw that the driver was slumped forward, unconscious, arms limp.

Knowing that the driver needed help, Kick moved his Tesla Model S in front of the Passat and applied the brakes, causing the Passat to slow down and come to a safe stop. Once able, he climbed through Passat's passenger door and stayed with the driver until emergency help arrived. The driver, who suffered a suspected stroke, then was transported to the hospital.

Kick noted that he didn't know how the insurance would work out to cover the cost of the damage to his car, and that his first priority was the driver's wellbeing. As it turns out, Kick isn't going to have to worry about the expense. When Tesla's owner and CEO, Elon Musk, heard of Kick's heroism, he tweeted congratulations to Kick on Twitter and said:

The incident on the Autobahn does wonders to prove that there are still genuinely good people in the world who are willing to do the right thing. But it also speaks to Musk's keen ability to keep an eye on his company and the globe-- it's not the first time Musk has responded quickly to issues related to his cars. And, with the new accolade of the Tesla Model S being deemed the quickest car in the world, Musk is matching that speed through his executive actions.

Kudos to Kick for his bravery, and bravo to Musk for setting the bar high for other business leaders!