Black Friday is usually filled with epic doorbusters, online blowouts, and highly exclusive deals, but this year, one organization isn't focusing on that kind of approach. Their Black Friday ad is dedicated to partnering you with your perfect canine or feline.

The deal of all deals

Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue is a non-profit, no-kill animal agency with locations in New York, Cincinnati, and Connecticut. For this Black Friday, the Cincinnati branch of the agency is completely waiving its usual adoption fees for online pet adoptions (which typically ranges from $45-$400). The promotion runs November 24 through November 26, 2017 and applies to dozens of animals listed in the Free Adoptions Black Friday album. So the staff has time for review, you need to get your application in by Wednesday, November 22. Importantly, if you're interested in more than one animal, you only need to submit one application for all of them, and you can transfer your application to different animals.

A different model, no remorse

As with any Black Friday promotion, you don't want to go down the path of impulse purchasing which can sometimes lead to the infamous feeling of 'buyers remorse'. That's where Louie's business model truly helps you know you've made the right choice, not just on Black Friday, but all the time. Unlike some other shelters, Louie's Legacy uses fostering. The animals stay with real people in real homes, not a traditional shelter, until they're adopted.

The fostering approach means that Louie's Legacy gets a much better sense of how an animal will behave in the home environment. They get to see more of the animal's personality, and the foster families help the animals stay comfortable around people. The one-on-one time that the animals get through fostering can go a long way to keeping the animal both healthy and happy.

Now, adopting an animal is a serious affair. Don't do it unless you know you can give the animal everything it needs for the long haul. But Louie's approach shows that Black Friday can be about giving rather than getting, that it can be about doing good, making a real difference, and saving a life. And when the cost is free, there really is no better deal than that.