As the most important meal of the day, breakfast generally does a body good, but nothing says you have to enjoy it with anybody else. In fact, if you haven't been eating your morning alone, consider this:

1. You'll have the chance to practice mindful eating without interruption/distraction

Mindful eating means consuming your foods such that you're aware of their traits (e.g., color, texture, nutritional content) and effects. It involves awareness of your state of mind and body, such as recognizing that you feel full or happy. Numerous research studies demonstrate that mindful eating encourages weight control, improves people's relationship with food and plays a role in preventing certain chronic diseases. 

2. You'll be less tempted to make your plate resemble Mount Everest (or fall into a pit of hunger)

You have many internal and external cues that tell you when to eat, one of which is seeing others chowing down. Some people are more sensitive to these types of cues than others. If this applies to you, having breakfast with others could cause you to scarf way more in response to the portions or number of helpings you see them take--research indicates that people tend to adjust their eating by what others do, eating more when others pile it on and holding back when others go lean. If you're by your lonesome, you don't have those cues from others. Subsequently, you might read your hunger and satiety signals better.

3. You'll own your schedule

Mornings tend to get more hectic when lots of people are around. If you eat alone, though, you aren't forced to cut your meal short just because someone else needs to get going. You're also not tempted to mimic how fast those with you are eating, even if schedules line up. You might finally be able to slowly enough to register you're full, preventing yourself from overeating.

Will today be a breakfast solo day?

You don't need to shun people from your breakfast table all the time, but it's more than okay to partake in some morning goodness without company, too. Do what feels best for you, but definitely try it out.