Style, pizzazz, flare.

Offices exuding these qualities not only stand out visually but make a compelling cultural statement that attracts a region's best and brightest.

Criteria for the snazziest offices in the Baltimore area included use of space, color schemes, balance between private and public spaces, leisure areas, unique attributes and features, wow factor, office perks, and overall visual aesthetics. With the help of leading commercial real estate firm Savills Studley, and its Baltimore office experts George Santos and Ryan Miller, the snazzy 15 have been crowned.

1. ADG Creative--strategic communications and innovation firm

From the insider: "When I came in to interview with ADG, the first thing that caught my eye and made me realize I was making the right choice were the vibrant colors and personal feel woven throughout every part of the space. This wasn't just an office. This was an opportunity for collaboration." --Alex Ludka, content strategist, ADG Creative

From the expert: "What looks like your typical single-story office building from the outside turns into a collaborative environment filled out by a unique use of space, which even includes a café." --Ryan Miller, Savills Studley

2. Betamore--campus for technology and entrepreneurship

From the insider: "Betamore's campus houses some of Baltimore's best and brightest entrepreneurs. Its vibrant and energetic design, serendipitous community environment, and variety of workspace options give its members the flexibility to work in a way that maximizes their productivity." --Jen Meyer, CEO, Betamore

From the expert: "The execution on layout is superb, and there's an undeniable energy and vibe that you immediately feel, right from entering." --George Santos, Savills Studley

3. Gantech--systems integrator and leader in end-user computing

From the insider: "When you come here, it doesn't feel like you're coming to work." --Mia Millette, VP of managed services, Gantech

From the expert: "Gantech's lounge is an incredibly impressive venue. The office also boasts a one-of-a-kind view of the quarry and wooded area." --Ryan Miller

4. GKV--advertising agency

From the insider: "Our bold corporate colors are present throughout our space, and our logo is emblazoned on the walls of our gathering places. We are constantly trying to remind people through a physical space of the emotion we feel and the culture we live in helping challenger brands break through." --Roger Gray, partner and CEO, GKV

From the expert: "You can really see GKV's brand come to life as you walk their space." --George Santos

5. Groove--full-service e-commerce agency

From the insider: "The philosophy of our office is 'options and control.' While everyone has a designated home base, there are multiple dens and closed-door areas where employees can collaborate or find a harbor to focus on a project." --Ethan Giffin, founder and CEO, Groove

From the expert: "A funky tech office space with an open floor plan and dedicated breakout rooms that is now a staple in the community." --Ryan Miller

From the insider: "The range of office sizes has allowed us to grow without giving up on the collaborative atmosphere an innovation hub offers." --Amanda Allen, design lead, Emocha Mobile Health (portfolio company)

From the expert: "The exposed and high ceilings accompanied by the bright colors immediately make the space pop." --George Santos

7. Mindgrub--technology innovation agency

From the insider: "We try to excel at the play part as much as the work part. I believe we need to provide an experience commensurate with what the best talent would expect." --Todd Marks, CEO, Mindgrub

From the expert: "Mindgrub's offices contain a Ping-Pong table, treadmill walking desks, and even a climbing wall--that's pretty snazzy." --Ryan Miller

8. NewDay USA--mortgage lending for veterans

From the insider: "NewDay USA ensured an attractive, clean, and colorful workspace that has an aesthetically inviting modern design, with plenty of natural light, glass walls, and open floor plans." --Larry Silver, VP of operations, NewDay USA

From the expert: "Marble staircases between floors, one of the largest TV screens in the country, and floor-to-ceiling glass for conference rooms and private offices are just a few of the notable features in the space." --George Santos

9. Pandora Americas--jewelry manufacturer and designer

From the insider: "We pride ourselves in creating a workplace that our employees will thrive in." --Kevin Conklin, VP of operations, Pandora Americas

From the expert: "You will find embedded Pandora charms throughout the office, which act as subtle reminders that emphasize the brand." --Ryan Miller

10. Planit--creative brand agency

From the insider: "The seemingly simple act of working in a physical space that truly reflects the intensely creative and collaborative way in which a company operates is immeasurable." --Matthew Doud, president and co-founder, Planit

From the expert: "The two parts of the office are separated by an unforgettable neon yellow and green tunnel in the middle that leads you to both the business side and creative side--it's powerfully unique." --George Santos

11. R2i--full-service marketing agency

From the insider: "R2i's Baltimore headquarters is a direct reflection, and perfect blend, of both the culture of the company and the personalities of its employees." --Natalie Staines, director of marketing, R2i

From the expert: "The design team of R2i was heavily involved when planning the office, as is evidenced by the furniture, artwork, themes, etc., seen throughout." --Ryan Miller

12. Spark Baltimore--co-working space

From the insider: "Spark was designed with creators and entrepreneurs in mind and offers a workspace that is unparalleled when it comes to quality, the variety of amenities, and an environment that allows members to thrive and grow." --Beth Boots Workman, director of operations, Spark

From the expert: "It's truly a vibrant, flexible atmosphere." --George Santos

13. TBC--full-service ad agency

From the insider: "TBC's contemporary, hip offices are the perfect juxtaposition portraying the marriage of the old and the new." --Allan Charles, co-founder, chairman, and chief creative officer, TBC

From the expert: "Your head remains on a swivel while admiring the countless antiques and collectibles in addition to the high, exposed-beam ceilings." --Ryan Miller

14. Videology--video advertising platform

From the insider: "Open and collaborative and offers an energy unique from anywhere I've seen in this region." --Ryan Bricklemyer, senior manager, product education and training, Videology

From the expert: "Well-thought-out amenities on top of an incredibly collaborative layout make the space truly stand out." --George Santos

15. ZeroFox--social media security and threat intelligence

From the insider: "An organization's culture is built and championed by the people that you hire and invest in, although having a kick-ass office never hurts!" --James C. Foster, CEO and culture champion, ZeroFox

From the expert: "When walking from floor to floor, exposed brick glows and finished hardwood floors gleam before you reach the breathtaking view from the rooftop deck." --Ryan Miller


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