The history of the tech revolution is largely the story of entrepreneurs, brave men and women who risked it all for a chance at a new way of life. Some of those online entrepreneurs flamed out, failing spectacularly and disappearing when the bubble burst in early 2000. Others thrived, succeeding beyond their wildest dreams and quickly becoming household names.

As the world's largest online retailer, clearly belongs in the latter category. Since its founding, the company has moved from a seller of books to a seller of everything. Indeed, it is hard to find something does not sell these days.

The Bezos Way

Even today, continues to grow, entering into strategic partnerships, scooping up smaller companies and investing heavily in emerging technologies. And behind it all is the mind, and leadership style, of Jeff Bezos, the man who started it all.

So just what is Jeff Bezos' leadership style, and how has he, and the company he founded, come so far so fast? While it would be impossible to distill someone as brilliant as Bezos into a single sentence, a number of things factor heavily into his management style and entrepreneurial outlook.

He Invests in Talent the Right Way

From the very start, Jeff Bezos worked hard to build a great team. He seemed to recognize that no one, no matter how brilliant, can do it on their own, and he scoured the world for the best executive team and the most competent technological experts. Those early hires have been richly rewarded, watching the value of their investments, and their stock options, grow as the company continued to thrive. 

By rewarding those early team members with shares of the company, Bezos was giving them a direct stake in the future of the firm, and providing them with millions of reasons to work their hardest and continue to hire "A" players.

He Inspires Through Innovative, Agile Vision

It is also quite clear that Jeff Bezos takes the long view when looking at his company. While many CEOs can only see as far as the next quarter, Bezos is looking at the next decade, building a strategic vision for the company he founded - and looking for like-minded individuals to join him in the search for future growth. 

The fact that has been willing to bet big on unproven technologies and emerging trends speaks to this strategic vision, which is part of the iconic Bezos management style. From delivery drones to bringing packages directly into customers' homes, Amazon is clearly trying to be not only one step, but many steps, ahead of their online competitors.

He Embodies a Clear Mission 

Another key takeaway about Jeff Bezos and his management style is his focus on providing a simple and concise message. Bezos clearly feels that too many executives speak in jargon designed for their current CEOs, instead of language that ordinary people can understand. In articulating a clear message that the general public understands, has gained the respect, and the investment of millions of individual stock buyers.

After surviving the bloodbath of the crash and resulting recession, set a path for future growth, with an aggressive series of acquisitions, key strategic partnerships and smart hires from top schools and other tech firms. At the heart of it all is Jeff Bezos and his management style, a style that other entrepreneurs are already trying to emulate--and rightfully so.