Do you wish you could get up in the morning with ease? Sure you do. If you haven't been able to crack the morning code yet, there's a scientifically-backed recipe to help, thanks to behavioral psychologist, Jo Hemmings. Hemmings shared with Mail Online that she specifically crafted the steps to shake up the body. So, prepare to have some serious ammunition that is guaranteed to win the morning fight naturally instead of grumbling and downing java for energy.

Step 1. Sleep on the left side of the bed

Apparently, you can wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Sleeping on the left is likely to make you more cheerful than if you sleep on the right side (10% more cheerful, in fact). Those who slumber on the right are predisposed to pessimism compared to their bedfellows. If you're stuck with the wrong side of the bed, look on the bright side; at least you're not the one having to deal with a grumpy partner. #GlassHalfFull

Step 2. Wear yellow 

Yellow is a fun, lively color -- and it's hard to be grumpy when wearing it, which can result in a more lively and optimistic you in the morning. Presumably, though, you have to open your eyes and notice the color you've got on first. If that's the case, then why not hedge your bets and hang yellow curtains in your bedroom and sleep under yellow bedcovers too? Channel your inner Oprah and treat yourself to yellow everything. Blame science. 

Step 3. Set your alarm to an upbeat song

Set your alarm to you with your favorite song and you'll automatically feel happy when it starts playing. Listening to upbeat music before your critical voice has time to remind you of problems will help you start the day in a good mood.

Hopefully, this won't make you resent your favorite song(s) like I currently do with the alarm sounds. TBD.

Step 4. Exercise

Duration: 5 minutes

Obvious one, right? It's necessary though. With just five minutes of AM exercise, you will increase feel-good endorphins in your system. And for those of you who do not know, endorphins are often described as happy hormones because they bring about a good mood. You can escalate their production even more by exercising with someone if you can be so convincing. 

Step 5. Do a headstand

Duration: 2 minutes

Sure, why not.

You might not feel like standing on your head first thing in the morning, but doing so will increase blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen to the brain. If you can master the pose, without falling over, you're supposed to find it soothing. Headstands are also good for toning the abdomen and legs and improving immunity.

Step 6: Take an [ice-cold] shower

Duration: 3 minutes

Man, that sounds terrible and even the thought of it gives me a jolt.

The reality is that you need energy and brainpower to be a morning person, which is what taking a freezing shower will give you. And if you're fighting fat, cold showers will boost your metabolism. If you also want to improve your lymphatic drainage, switch from warm to cold temperatures and your circulation will improve. Looks like those polar plunge folk know what they're doing after all. 

Step 7: Breakfast (slow energy release)

Duration: 5 minutes

Eating slow energy release foods for breakfast will stop your vitality waning as the morning progresses. The key is that it's easy to make and well-balanced. Oatmeal is always a great choice, but if that's not your thing, you can never go wrong with some scrambled eggs, either.

There you have it. 7-steps and 15 minutes in the AM. Make little changes to your sleeping habits and routine when you wake up and blossom into the morning person you've always wanted to be. Get out there and give it a shot. 

Now, where is that yellow shirt of mine...