Do you love AirPods? Of course you do. Released in late 2016, those wireless headphones were designed to make up for the iPhone's lack of a headphone jack. Where AirPods might have started off as an unusual fad, they are now recognized for their utility and performance.

However, if you're searching for the latest and greatest AirPod alternative, look no further. Here are three viable options to consider as you journey down the headphone.

Erato Verse

Everything about the Erato Verse shows top-notch design. First, its powerful 5.8mm micro drivers deliver incredible audio --  its graphene driver enhances the highest and lowest sounds without sacrificing quality.

The SpinFit tips uniquely fit to your ear. They are flexible enough to conform to your ear shape and can effortlessly rotate at 360°. The earbud's water and sweat resistance means you can wear them at the gym or in the rain. The design is utterly flawless. 

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Erato Verse is its single-touch multifunction. You can answer calls, skip tracks, adjust volume, and more with just one touch.

Why? Design

Weight: 4.5g

Battery: 3 hrs music, 4 hrs talk

Case battery: 15 hrs

Colors: Black, White

Price: $129.99



The YEVO 1 headphones come from YEVO Labs in Stockholm, Sweden. These innovative devices can be paired with an app for incredible customization. You can choose your levels of equalization, bass, balance, and audio transparency -- allowing you the freedom to finally listen to music the way you've always wanted to.

YEVO prides itself on providing an excellent level of music experience, integrating the latest audio tech, which ultimately delivers an incredible level of audio quality that is able to hit crisp high and the deepest lows. 

Why: Customization

Weight: 8g 

Battery: 3-4 hrs music, 3 hrs talk

Case battery: 20 hrs

Colors: Jet Black, Onyx Black, Ivory White

Price: $249



Don't want to give up Apple just yet? Here's a nifty solution for you.

BlackPods customizes AirPods in a range of colors (matte black, jet black, and space gray) using their industrial-strength coating process. Each set of AirPods is hand-finished and inspected by skilled artists and the coat ensures protection, longevity, and style.

You can either send in your AirPods or buy pre-coated ones. If you send them in, you can expect to wait 10-12 days for the company to customize your AirPods after they receive the product. This is a great way to guard your AirPods or simply make them look better --  they are incredibly sleek.

Why? Novelty

Weight: 4g (may increase with coating)

Battery: 5 hrs

Case battery: 24 hrs+

Colors: Stealth Matte Black, Classic High Gloss Black, Aero Space Gray

Price: $99+ for customization, $279-299 for AirPods. $30 coupon available after entering your email address.

Note: Specs are based on the Apple AirPods


All in all, there's never going to be a shortage of headphone alternatives, let alone AirPod competitors -- so you might as well do your homework and inform yourself on the available options. 

Published on: Apr 24, 2018
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