Going to a party and outing yourself as a graphic designer, IT professional, or email marketer is tantamount to wearing a sign on your chest that says "I'm boring, please don't talk to me." As critical as those jobs are to the Internet economy, we can all agree they're not especially exciting, particularly to someone outside that industry.

There are a growing number of exceptions, though -- startups who most people would be proud to work for, given that they're shaking up the game and changing the faces of their respective industries.Here's a rundown of a select few companies who fit that description, and what they're doing to make an impact. 

Identity Protocols and Compliance

Regulation, compliance, and accreditation -- fun, right? It can be. Blockpass pre-verifies users so that before they sign up with a service provider, they have already passed the provider's KYC requirements -- this speeds up on-boarding for the merchant. The user's verified identity is totally re-usable with a limitless number of merchants, and this economy of scale is transferable to the merchant in terms of progressive cost savings.

The end result has users on-boarded in seconds while providing affordable compliance, and better quality verification. Blockpass is also integrating video 'liveness' verification and advanced verification features such as accredited investor checks all of these services provided under the same cost-effective framework.

Logo Design

It's not like finding a graphic designer is hard work these days, thanks to websites like Fiverr. But even with the competitive pricing those platforms offer, getting the job done is still a real chore.

You've got to find the right contractor, negotiate the deal, and hope for the best. What if, instead, you could source your company's logo design using instant, self-service, AI-powered software? That's what the founders of Tailor Brands started by asking, and the answers they've turned out are pretty darn appealing - just ask the 4 million customers they've done business with to date.

And if anything, this industry is only headed upwards, with Tailor Brands having secured another $15.5 million in funding in 2018.

Email Marketing and Outreach

Creating a product? Now that's fun. Designing a website? Tedious, but rewarding. Generating leads? Ugh. Prospecting is boring. Outreach campaigns typically involve a lot of guesswork. And outsourcing those problems gets expensive very quickly.

Enter Mailshake, a  highly intuitive service that makes automating campaigns (including smart follow-ups), using dynamic personalization, and integrating with CRMs all as easy as having a Google account. Careful, just looking at their clean web design will get you itching to create a new niche blog.

IT Services and Management

The typical IT consultants are friendly, efficient, and reliable. But let's be real -- they really don't enjoy coming in to clean up your software messes, just like you don't enjoy the inconvenience of calling them in the first place. Saying IT work is less-than-sexy might not be the understatement of the year, but it'd be in the running.

Cloud Management Suite is looking to change that with their cloud-based patch management software developed for businesses of all types and sizes. With it, users can count on system to remotely manage almost every inch of their IT infrastructure, including the all-important tasks of monitoring and correcting vulnerabilities. Say hello to decreased IT expenses, increased productivity, and simplified management protocols.

These companies aren't hitting the brakes on innovation anytime soon, nor are they alone in dressing up drab industries. The success they're having teaches an important lesson, too: you don't always have to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes you just need to put a little shine on the rim.