Dreams we can remember often are awesome, but dreams we can control as they happen are even cooler. The latter experience is known as lucid dreaming. Philosophers, Yoga practitioners, and psychotherapists all have recognized, participated in or recommended lucid dreaming for years for mental and physical wellness. But one company is putting a truly modern, tech-based spin on the idea.

The headband that makes it easier to lucid dream

LucidCatcher is a "VR dreaming wearable" and their headband is designed to facilitate lucid dreaming. You can wear it as you sleep or during the day as part of your mindfulness practice. The creators claim that, through advanced sensor technology, brainwave analysis, and low-power stimulation, the device gets your mind into a state similar to what you'd have with meditation. Even though your body might not be awake, you're mentally alert enough to know you're in a dream and to direct the course of that dream however you want. That makes LucidCatcher a great tool not just for having crazy adventures safely for free, but also for innovating and being creative. There are no limits to what you can explore or try. You even could use the device to walk yourself through upcoming presentations or desensitize yourself to work stressors.

And like other contemporary technologies, LucidCatcher has a handy app. The program allows you to track your "Dream Journeys", including phases, number of dreams, and length of your experiences. It even gives information about the headband's cleanliness and battery. There's a daily mode you can switch to, too.

Becoming reality

So far, LucidCatcher, which is backed by three years of successful trials, has gotten positive reviews -- more than 500 people have tried it out. The company is currently crowdfunding to commercialize production and get the device to the public, hosting a campaign on Kickstarter. If you like the idea of blending lucidity with technology and want to help out, consider being a backer. This might just be another great way to live your dreams and not let them slip away.