While Buffalo Bills fans might have been expecting any number of things from cornerback Vontae Davis during the second half of the Bill's game against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, it's probably safe to say that halftime retirement wasn't among them. 

But retire is exactly what Davis did -- and not from the game, but from the NFL, permanently. During the break, he told his teammates he wasn't coming back onto the field, and later, issued this statement via Twitter.

In it, Davis talks about having an "honest moment" with himself, in which reality hit him "fast and hard."

It seems like the 10-year veteran of the league stumbled on some clarity, and with that came a shift in his priorities. What came after was as instructional as it was unorthodox. 

Maybe we could all benefit from a little clarity in these distracted, fast-paced times that we live, and some moments of honesty with ourselves about whether we're moving in a direction that's healthy and productive. 

After all, there's a reason that mindfulness and self-awareness have transcended the pseudo-spiritual blog-o-sphere and entrenched themselves firmly in the world of mainstream health and lifestyle literature. 

However, as Davis is sure to have found out by now, being self-aware doesn't mean your decisions will resonate with everyone. In fact, it may alienate you from people who don't share your level of introspection. The confidence to do what feels right when it feels right might seem so foreign to those people that they find it off-putting. And for Davis, a
social-media bombardment absolutely ensued. 

When you're true to yourself, some people will second-guess you. They may even shame, stigmatize, and slander you. And yet, all that negativity will pale in comparison to the feeling of regret you're in for if you ignore your instincts about what's right for you. 

People may not agree with what Vontae Davis did, but he acted instinctively, and while "trusting your gut" is not always easy, it's actually a misnomer for a very complex and sophisticated process that your body uses to guide you in decision making. 

We all have to make difficult choices. When the time comes, will we let agreeableness dictate them, or will we take the leap and be true to ourselves?

Published on: Sep 18, 2018
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