If you're not quite ready to grab an iPhone 7 (unveiled September 7) but can't stand how slow your current model is, or to keep your iPhone 7 ultra fast once you buy one, hear this: There's a handy trick to clear your device's Random Access Memory (RAM) and improve performance. For you techies, it's basically like clearing your iPhone's cache.

How to Clear the iPhone's RAM

  1. Unlock your iPhone.
  2. Hold down the power button (on the top or side of your device, depending on what model you have) until the shutdown screen appears.
  3. Hold down the Home button until the iPhone displays the iOS Home screen.

To verify success, check the menu bar. It should refresh as the Home screen reloads. Additionally, tap an application in App Switcher view. The app should reload and prompt you with the Home screen, just as happens when you open the software from scratch.

Why the Trick Works

Your iPhone temporarily stores information it needs to run applications within the RAM. Similarly, when you hop online, the device stores some information from your browsing session. Doing this ensures that your iPhone has a local location for the data that always has the same path, meaning that the device can find the information easily without extra workarounds. It's a bit like bringing a library book to your house instead of trekking to the library every time you feel like reading--you don't plan to keep the book forever, but you need it for a little while.

Temporary data stored in the RAM eventually becomes irrelevant. You probably don't need the information from when you went to eBay weeks ago, for example. If you had limitless RAM, this wouldn't be a problem, but the reality is that there's only so much RAM space available. By using this hack to eliminate the data you don't need, you ensure that the phone doesn't have to delete information to make room for new data. Subsequently, your iPhone is able to work faster. How's that for awesome sauce?!