In the United States, we grasp that good hygiene is part of good health and actually says quite a bit about your leadership style, too. However, walk into just about any store and the only personal wipes you're used to seeing are for babies. So if the average man wants to stay really clean, he would confidently need to buy one of those Wet Wipe packs (you know what I'm talking about), look the cashier in the eyes and boldly nod your head implying, "Yes, sir/ma'am, they are for me".

At least, that's how it used to be.

A fresh approach

DUDE Products is making a name for itself with male-directed hygiene supplies. The fast-growing business got its real start in 2012 after four friends realized that men didn't have a good flushable, on-the-go toilet wipe option. As such, the DUDE Wipe was born. In just a year, the team had won the Consumer Products Conference Visionary Award.

Part of the reason DUDE Products is making waves, I suspect, is for the reason above--they're confronting the paradoxical cleanliness and gender standards men face. But it's also a ton about their branding. They're serious but recognize that the toilet isn't on the same par with, say, organic caviar. So they don't try to make their products something they're not. Their marketing reads like men actually are comfortable talking to their buddies. When they combine that with creative placements and advertising, they come across as authentic, funny, and relatable. And men buy. Imagine that.

Tasteful marketing done right (regardless of budget)

Social media marketers take note, the DUDES are doing it right. They proactively tout their tone of voice that playfully matches their brand.

When Taco Bell had a day of Doritos Locos Tacos:

The DUDES were ready.

When ESPN Reporter Darren Rovell shared his midday snack, they most definitely had an opinion:

Possibly most notably, when there was a UFC 'incident' in the ring, they were there to lend a helping hand (of sorts).

The DUDES are setting a new standard that combines precise social listening and intelligence with actionable results.

Just how well is DUDE Products' approach paying off?

In 2015, the DUDE team pitched on Shark Tank, earning the backing by Mark Cuban. Before the show, they had roughly $300,000 in revenue. Since the show, they've reached more than $3.2 million. They also upped the number of retail stores they're in by 400 percent, going from 2,000 to 8,000. Major companies like Target, Meijer, and Walgreens have put DUDE Wipes products on their shelves, too.

What the DUDES have to say

Chief Executive 'DUDE', Sean Riley, shared,

"The DUDE brand is really just getting started and will continue to innovate the toilet paper aisle and change the way people use the bathroom across the globe. Our new lines of face and body wipes is just the tip of the iceberg on where will we go in men's grooming. We're going to continue to make awesome products that DUDES love and have a lot of fun while doing it. We're passionate about building a community and interacting with our customers in our down to earth DUDE fashion."

The DUDES throwing out the first pitch at Guaranteed Rate Field

The long and short is, it's not the budget you have that counts. What matters is allowing your brand to have a voice. You can relax. You can be professional. Do both and you'll thrive. Butt, being clean is an added bonus (see what I did there?).