If you're looking for intriguing startups to discover, look no further than New York City. The data is clear; NYC rivals the likes of Silicon Valley for startup growth. As such, I did some digging into the NYC startup scene and discovered an array of companies that have super compelling offerings.


Vertical: Health and Wellness

What: Building a small business or startup is tough work. InstaSleep offers a gluten-free, drug-free, non-habit forming sleep aid that has been formulated by physicians. Their 'Mint Melts' are a helpful tool for those who suffer from the occasional bout of sleeplessness.

Why: Personally, I take melatonin, but it can leave you feeling groggy -- and no one likes being off their game. With 164 million Americans struggling with their sleep at least once a week, there's clearly a huge problem here. InstaSleep hits all the right notes for me as a startup: health-first, natural product, American-made, and massive market potential. 


Vertical: Saas Business Analytics + Telecommunication

What: PhoneWagon offers cutting-edge call tracking software to help brands attribute to better marketing campaigns. As providing marketing ROI is essential, PhoneWagon makes it easy for their clients to see which marketing outreach efforts are working. 

Why: PhoneWagon is one of those startups you'll wish you had discovered sooner. They help you improve your lead generation opportunities, increase the quality of your sales funnel, and help you double-down on what is working. With everything from Google Analytics/Adwords integrations to call alerts, email summaries, call tagging, and advanced reporting, PhoneWagon is a must-investigate tool for sales agents and marketing professionals. Their CEO, Ryan, has some pretty awesome, raw blogging material, too


Vertical: Chatvertising

What: ChatDynamo helps brands connect with customers via custom chat widgets. They assist businesses with everything from push notifications to subscriber engagement.

Why: Real-time customer conversations are the way of the future. ChatDynamo chatbots can help brands increase their conversion rates, improve customer satisfaction reviews, and supercharge sales. With industry giants like Live Nation and Under Armour already included as partners, you know this team is making all the right moves.


Vertical: Programmatic Bidding + Online Video Advertising

What: Kubient combines machine learning technology with online video advertising to help brands avoid bidding on fraudulent impressions from bot traffic. 

Why: When your clients include the likes of Amazon, Yahoo!, and AOL, you know you're doing something right. With real-time reporting for publishers and premium partnerships, Kubient helps brands maximize their advertising budgets with their an intuitive interface. If your company is even thinking about using video advertising, Kubient is a must-discover startup.

Ignitia Office

Vertical: Co-working 

What: Ignitia Office is setting a new standard for co-working spaces. Combining stunning design with exceptional staff, Ignitia Office offers entrepreneurs and small business owners access to everything from private offices and communal lounges to networking opportunities and dedicated desks. High-speed internet, conference rooms, and even a top-rated beer hall are available (you don't see that every day... but that'd be really cool to). 

Why: Co-working out of a shared office space doesn't have to feel like you're trying to build a business out of a college dormitory. Ignitia Office lets you work in an upscale space conducive to productivity, pampering, and power brokering. Mic drop.

University Beyond

Vertical: Influencer Marketing + College Recruitment

What: University Beyond connects brands with college students looking for employment or brand ambassador opportunities. Brands pay per hire, can review students' campus involvement, and can monitor brand ambassador task accomplishments via a handy dashboard.

Why: This startup hits the sweet spot between influencer marketing and talent acquisition. Connecting campus ambassadors with their community to promote reputable companies like Amazon and Mountain Dew is a win/win for both parties. Definitely a hot NYC startup to watch.

Whether you're looking for business tools you can incorporate into your company's growth strategy or hot investment opportunities you might have missed, paying attention to the NYC startup scene is an investment of time you're not likely to regret -- there's a good reason PitchBook named NYC a startup exit hotspot. Stay tuned for more startup growth in NYC; this city keeps just getting started.