Earlier this week, Microsoft officially launched its highly anticipated Xbox One X gaming console. Understandably, Sony, maker of the popular PlayStation series, was watching. But the company's reaction to the launch wasn't criticism. It wasn't mockery or predictable attempts at one-upmanship. It was five words of absolute respect.

A powerful accomplishment

To understand why Sony's simple message is so spectacular, you have to know just a little about how the Xbox One X compares with the PS4 Pro.

  • 200MHz faster CPU at 2.3GHz
  • 1.8 more teraflops at 6 teraflops
  • 12GB of GDDR5 memory versus 8GB GDDR5 plus 1GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 4K-capable Blu-ray drive

You don't need to be a gaming geek to get the gist of those specifications. The basic translation is, the Xbox One X is a more powerful machine with better graphics capabilities. While this doesn't necessarily mean it's a "better" choice than the PS4 Pro, it does mean that Microsoft has reached a technical achievement no other console company has. But Sony respects that, because it knows that most hardcore gamers aren't console-exclusive. It's not unusual to have or play on multiple systems, simply because different games are released for each. Because gamers are so willing to see the systems out there like a family of possibility, it really doesn't benefit Sony to beat Microsoft down.

Two teams, one goal

Regardless of why Sony took the high road here, it's refreshing to see that companies can acknowledge what other businesses have done, and even encourage them, without descending into rebuttal. Don't get me wrong, I find it both entertaining and hilarious when brands unleash their snarky attitudes, but you can be happy that someone else is keeping your industry thriving with you, and that you have a fantastic challenge to meet and build on. Sportsmanship matters, and in this particular instance, saying the equivalent of "Good game!" has especially potent meaning.

Sometimes the target to hit comes from you, sometimes it doesn't. The important thing is that you see what the target is and never stop drawing back the arrow.

Kudos to both the Microsoft and Sony teams. 

Published on: Nov 10, 2017
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