Step aside, Tinder. Dating sites are notoriously fraught with challenges that make achieving romantic success iffy, but Pokémon Go trainers now have a fun option that might up the odds of finding a great relationship. With PokéDates from Project Fixup, you can explore whether you're compatible with potential mates and, as the site advertises, "Catch 'em all, together!". 

It's got serious potential as a legitimate way to hook up because of a few key advantages. 

1. You don't have to plan a bunch.

For a lot of people, dating is a source of anxiety because they feel like they have to have an itinerary and, subsequently, go out of their way to ensure a smooth night. With PokéDates, you already know what you and your potential partner will be doing, so you can stress less, relax and just concentrate on the person you're with.

2. It's frugal.

Each additional PokéDate costs $20 (the first PokéDate is free). That might seem like a lot of change to cough up, but considering that the average cost of a night out for two is over $100 just about everywhere, it's a downright bargain, even if you end up grabbing an inexpensive meal.

3. It sets you physically and psychologically free.

Unlike a traditional date that typically cages you in one or a small handful of sites, a PokéDate gets you out and about. You and your date will be exposed to more environments, which can invite better spontaneity, conversation and interpersonal learning. Walking around also can help you psychologically feel less trapped and provide alternate activity choices if the date is less than stellar.

Dating websites aren't always worth their URL, but if you're really serious about Pokémon Go and want a way to guarantee that you and your date have a common interest plus something fun to do, PokéDates might be something you want to check out. And hey, even if your night out doesn't prompt wedding bells, at least you can keep your Pokémon Go progress!

Published on: Jul 25, 2016
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