While most customers think that they are making a decision based on facts, what they are actually doing is buying emotionally, then justifying their purchases logically.

Here's what this means to you:

If you try to sell using logic (and logic alone), you might be able to get your potential customers to agree that they need your product/service...

...but they still won't take action. Meaning you won't close the sale.

Recently, I interviewed a CEO, Brigham Dickinson, who is particularly good at connecting with customers on an emotional level. His advice has helped other companies get their booking rates as high as 90%.

And no. His secret is not just to hire the best salespeople in the market. Many times he had to turn B or C players into closers.

Brigham's secret sauce lies in his training, where he teaches people how to build an emotional connection with their customers and deliver a WOW experience.

Now, how can you instill this skill in your team so that you can skyrocket your sales? Here are four tips to get you started:

1. Never discuss the price right away

When you lead with the price, you're signaling to your customer that this is a transaction, not a relationship. Trust me -- that's a huge no-no.

You don't want your customer to feel like you're just there to make a sale, because that'll result in them being defensive. Instead, your job is to build trust with your customer, and get them to think favorably of you and your company before we mention the price.
How do you do this? When meeting customers for the first time, hone in on the customer's problem, and show empathy. Instead of saying something generic such as "Sorry to hear that," try getting a bit more in-depth and personal with "That must really be tough...have you encountered any other problems?"

2. Use positive language

This one's fairly straightforward -- customers would rather purchase from someone who's positive and makes them feel good.

On a subconscious level, no one likes to hear the word "problem." So instead of saying "No problem," say "Absolutely, I can help you with that."

You also want to show that you're the one who is serving here. So instead of saying things like "welcome" or "thank you," say  "my pleasure." You get the point!

3. Talk to the customers like you're old friends

Your customers deserve genuine, high-energy interactions, and that's what you need to deliver.

You want them to feel that you're excited to chat about the problem they are facing, and not that you are there only to sell the deal. Show that you care about it and want to listen to them. Simple things like being genuinely curious by asking "tell me more" can go a long way.

Once you build that rapport, it'll be that much easier to seal the deal.  

4. Lead with stories, and follow up with facts

Statistics are informative -- no one's arguing with that. But here's the thing: throwing out a bunch of number without making these relevant to your customers simply won't work.

So instead of boring your customers to death with statistics, hook them with a story that they can relate to. This is how you really connect with your customers on an emotional level. When you do pull out the facts later, they'll be even more meaningful.

Let's face it -- as humans, we're highly irrational creatures. That's why you need to appeal to your customer's emotional sides if you want to sell effectively. So start training your staff to build an emotional connection with your customers, and watch as sales soar.

Published on: May 17, 2018
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