"I don't want a team full of A-players" - said no entrepreneur ever.

But let's be honest...

Do you think all successful businesses are made of only A-players?

And more importantly:

Can you really afford a team of only A-players? These folks don't come cheap.

Don't worry--I'm not saying you have to give up on your goal of building an awesome team. There are other ways of achieving that goal.

Here's what you can do:

Hire B-players who have the potential of becoming A-players. Simple as that.

Look, this is a tried-and-tested strategy that produces great results.

For example, I once wrote about how San Antonio Spurs chose Manual Ginobili in the 1999 NBA draft. Back when Manuel got drafted, he couldn't hold a candle to the other amazing players who were up for the same position.

Guess what? He then went on to help the Spurs win 4 NBA Championships.

At the end of the day, people have the ability to improve and evolve. And with the right training, you can turn many B players into A players.

Want to start hiring B-players who you can groom into A-players? Here are some characteristics to keep a lookout for:

1. An Amazing Attitude (Plus Willingness to Learn)

If your candidate doesn't have the right skills or experience, that's fine -- they can always pick it up along the way.

But a good attitude, on the other hand, is crucial. If your candidate isn't proactive or willing to learn, for example, that's not something you can easily fix.

Here at A1 Garage Doors, another trait we look for is the determination to succeed. If a candidate has that determination, it's a sign they'll go far.

2. Honesty And Integrity

Sometimes you'll find someone who ticks all the boxes, but your gut instinct may tell you they're not 100 percent honest. If this happens, just move on to the next candidate.

Why? A single bad apple can bring down your entire company. You wouldn't want to risk ruining your company culture and reputation because of one person, would you?

At my company, A1 Garage, we run criminal background checks and require drug screens for all new hires. This way, we can be 100 percent sure that the person we're sending to our customer's home is safe and reliable.

3. Soft Skills

Don't overlook soft skills such as communication, time management, and punctuality. Now, your candidate doesn't have to be the king (or queen) of time management, but they should at least understand the importance of these things.

How do you test your candidates on their soft skills?

If your candidate arrives late for their interview, consider it a red flag. Ask them to write an email to your team (on the spot!), and look at how they phrase the message. Also, get them to do a task after the interview, and see how quickly they get it done.

Every entrepreneur wants to recruit a team full of A-players, but the truth is that only the big players such as Google and Amazon can afford to do so. That said, you can still build an effective team. Simply hire B-players who have potential, and train them to become A-players!  

Published on: Aug 10, 2018
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