In business, there are three ways to make more money: You can get more customers, you can get your customers to buy more frequently, or you can sell more to your existing customers.

I bet you spend a lot of your time on the first two. And that's fine. We both know how critical they are to the growth of your business.

But if you really want to boost your numbers, selling more to your existing customer is a must. Which leads me to the real question: Do you have a process in place to help you sell more?

If not, don't worry. There is one simple tool that you can use to double or even triple your sales: It's called checklists.

Now don't be fooled: Checklists will only work for you if you use it the right way. So let me share with you a simple three-step process that has helped my business to grow to over $30 million in revenue per year:  

1. Filling Out a Checklist

Here's my No. 1 rule when it comes to upsells:

When my salespeople start upselling customers, they must follow a checklist. This means selling customers on potential services -- in a particular order. On top of that, I get my sales team to record everything that happens, and note down how far the sale gets each time.

What goes on your checklist depends on your type of business. As a general rule, ask questions that help your salespeople to identify the potential problems your services or products can solve. For example: "Did you have problems with X in the past? Is it still causing you any problems?"

2. Optimizing the Checklist

You might not see anything in the beginning, but a pattern will start to emerge over time. And as the patterns become more obvious, you'll realize what works and what doesn't.

Maybe only customers who have already spent, say, $500 are receptive to upsells. Maybe customers are more receptive if you upsell them a smaller ticket item first. Regardless of what it is, use the information to improve your checklists.

You know how you A/B test your website, and optimize it for conversions? Well, you're now A/B testing your sales process in real life.

3. Getting Your Best Salespeople to Share

Say one of your team members is absolutely killing it when it comes to sales. What do you do? Get them in front of the rest of the team, and ask them to share their secret sauce!

Most of the time you will see that these high-performers are doing something slightly different that's bringing them better results. Once you identify that, make sure that you include it in your checklist.

If you have other salespeople who are really struggling, ask them to roleplay with your best-performing salesperson. This way, they get helpful tips on how to improve and you can find out where some of your folks are having problems when following the checklist.

4. Bonus: Offering Bundled Pricing

Some of your customers might be resistant to upsells because they don't want to spend more money than is necessary. For these folks, offering them bundled items might do the trick.

What are bundled items? They're products or services that are sold together at a discounted price. Think about how telecom companies sell you cable and internet together. With bundled items, your customer gets a good deal and it's easier for your salespeople to close the sale.

Published on: Sep 14, 2018