In his new book, Unshakeable: Your Guide to Financial Freedom (2017, Simon & Schuster), life coach Tony Robbins charts a course to living a rich life. In this edited excerpt, Robbins discusses the important role emotional, psychological and spiritual health play in the journey to financial success.

My entire life has been focused on helping people turn their dreams into reality. I've visited more than 100 countries and have spoken with people from every corner of the earth about what they really want. And do you know what I've found? Every culture has different beliefs and values, yet there are fundamental needs and desires that all human beings share. What I've found wherever I go is that we all crave an extraordinary quality of life.

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For some people, that means owning a beautiful home with an exquisite garden. For others, it means raising three wonderful children. For some, it means writing a novel or a song. For others, it means building a billion-dollar business. And for some, it means being one with God. In other words, it's not about living somebody else's dream. It's about living a magnificent life on your own terms.

But how can you achieve this? How can you close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be? The answer: You need to master two entirely different skills.

The Science of Achievement

The first is what I call the "science of achievement." In every field, there are rules of success that you can either break (in which case, you'll be punished) or follow (in which case, you'll be rewarded). For example, there's a science to health and fitness. Biochemically, we're all different. But there are fundamental rules you can follow if you want to thrive and have high energy. If you violate those rules, you'll pay the consequences.

It's the same in the financial world. The most successful investors have left a trail of clues for us to follow. By studying these patterns and applying these tools, strategies, and principles in your own life, you're accelerating your journey to success. It's obvious, right? Sow the same seeds as the most successful people, and you'll reap the same rewards. That's how you'll achieve financial mastery.

When it comes to the science of achievement, there are three key steps that can enable you to achieve whatever it is you want. Can you think of something fantastic that you've achieved in your life that once seemed impossible? Maybe it was a relationship, or maybe it was a dream job or a successful business, or owning a sleek sports car. Then think about how this dream went from being impossible to actually being in your life. What you'll find is that the path to achievement is followed by a fundamental three-step process.

The First Step to Achieving Anything You Want Is Focus.

Remember: Wherever your focus goes, your energy flows. When you put your entire focus on something that really matters to you, when you can't stop thinking about it every day, this intense focus unleashes a burning desire that can help you obtain what might otherwise be out of reach. Here's what's going on beneath the surface: A part of your brain called the reticular activating system is activated by your desire, and this mechanism draws your attention to whatever can help you achieve your goal.

The Second Step Is to Go Beyond Hunger, Drive, and Desire, and to Consistently Take Massive Action.

A lot of people dream big but never get started. To succeed, you need to take massive action. But you also need to find the most effective execution strategy, which means changing your approach until you find what works best. You can speed up this process exponentially by modeling people who've already been successful, which is why we've focused so intently on money masters such as Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, Jack Bogle, and David Swensen. By studying the right role models, you could learn in a week what might otherwise take you a decade.

The Third Step to Achieving Whatever We Want Is Grace.

Some people call it luck, some people call it God. Here's what I can tell you, based on my own experience: The more you acknowledge grace in your life, the more you seem to have it. I've been amazed to see how a deep sense of appreciation brings more and more grace into our lives.

Of course, you need to do everything in your power to achieve your goals, but there are still things over which you have no control. Even the fact that you were born at this time in history, that you were given a brain and a heart that you didn't have to earn, and that you get to benefit from the awesome power of modern technologies like the Internet--none of this was within your control, nor did you create these gifts.