Remember chortling when you found out McDonald's had its own Hamburger University? Like large corporations before them, top small workplaces are adopting the university metaphor for their education efforts, which often cover not just business and technology but also nonwork subjects: ceramics, wine tasting, and more.

Last year,, a $21.8 million job-search site in Glen Allen, Virginia, offered employees 62 classes through its eclectic program, Snagger U. Classes, which are taught by in-house experts, take place during the workday and last for an hour or two. Eight to 12 employees typically show up for each class. Here's how employees described some of the recent courses they offered to their co-workers.

Finance Fundamentals 101

At company meetings, have you ever wondered, What exactly do those finance terms and numbers mean, anyway? This class will cover sales bookings and how they translate to revenue, how renewals affect our business model, advertising terms, and more.


This class will cover HTML basics. The agenda is subject to change at my whim, but topics are likely to include: tags, working with text, attributes, best practices, tables (maybe), and browsers/tools.

Peer Coaching

Do you dread the 360-degree-review process because you know constructive feedback will help your colleagues with their careers, but you're not sure how to provide it? This class will help you give and receive helpful feedback, foster an environment of trust, create a sense of continuous improvement, and strengthen the culture.

Poker Playin'!

An introduction to Texas Hold 'Em. I'll teach you the basics of the game with a step-by-step explanation of dealing and betting. I will also provide helpful information on winning hands, the best starting hands, and poker lingo, as well as tips to increase your odds of winning.

Setting Goals for Work and Life

Creating powerful, meaningful goals can mean the difference between just getting by and experiencing true success and happiness. Success, both personal and professional, depends on your ability to turn your dreams and aspirations into tangible milestones and goals.

Women's Self-Defense

Increase your confidence by learning techniques to improve awareness of your surroundings, basic moves to get out of different attacks (multiple chokes, arm grabs, bear hugs, etc.), and safety tips. Be a victor, not a victim. Please wear comfortable clothing.