Kimberton, Pa.

Founded: 2002
Employees: 28
2009 revenue: $3.4 million
CEO: William Straub

Advises clients on issues relating to air-quality regulation and permits.

All4 has a slew of amenities for its employees—massages, dry-cleaning pickup and dropoff, a gym. It also pays 100 percent of health insurance costs for employees and dependents. But none of that is more important than the company's openness to ideas. After two years at All4, salesman Mike Luybli approached the principals with a proposal for a new service: byproduct recycling for All4's clients. For example, a coal plant that produced fly ash could sell it to a concrete factory as a cheaper alternative to one of the factory's materials. The result is Cycle4ward, a six-year-old subsidiary company with 2009 revenue of $450,000.