Taking Teams to the Next Level

Software design company Menlo Innovations believes in team work. So everyone works together in pairs, sharing one computer and one mouse.

Core Values of the Top Small Company Workplaces

The crucial element in well-run companies? Leaders who know what they believe in.
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You'll Never Work Alone

At Menlo Innovations, all work (seriously, all work) is done by pairs. Read Article

The Learning Company

Symmes Maini & McKee Associates fosters a collaborative, intellectual culture through a series of education and training programs.
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Where Virtual is the Best Policy

Being an entirely virtual company means you have the advantage of hiring the best employees no matter where they live. Here's how Fire Engine RED's Shelly Spiegel does it. Read Article

Where the CEO Is Just Another Guy With a Vote

At Namasté Solar, nothing is more important than the idea of workplace democracy. Read Article

Winning Workplace Mascots

These—sometimes kooky—objects, coined artifacts by management expert Edgar Schein, represent the core values of these workplaces.

Walking the Walk (Running the Run, Etc.)

TRX sells fitness, to customers and to employees. Read Article

Survival of the Smartest

Hopkins Printing has staked its future on cross-training. Read Article

Man's Best Co-Worker

Dog-friendly work environments are one new trend making companies friendlier, more collaborative, and ultimately more productive. Read Article

Onboarding Done Better

An employee's introduction to the company is equally important to the later success of both the individual and the company. Here are some tips from top workplaces on how to handle new hires. Read Article

7 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Good managers know that happy employees are loyal, productive employees.
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