The most popular buzzword in the world of business and technology right now is: innovation. The companies that are looking outward and upward, are trying to guess the future, and get ahead of the trends by using innovation, and disruptive technologies. Our business economy is racing forward at hyper-speed, and the fast pace often sees companies left behind, simply because they couldn't change fast enough. There is also a huge percentage of the business world who are not being left behind, but they are just barely staying ahead of the curve... and then, there are the elite few who are seeing the curve from a few miles back, and transforming to meet it head on. Those elite few are taking innovation to a whole new level, by creating specific environments, or companies, based solely on this idea of getting ahead of the curve, to predict future trends, and change the world.

Get Hip To The Buzzwords: What Is A Disruptive Innovation?

A disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology. A perfect example of a disruptive innovation is 3D printing. For some companies, they hear the words 3D printing and they have no idea what it might be used for, or tangible applications based on their current business model. But for others, the elite few, when they first heard the words 3D-printing, the wheels began turning, and, with endless possibilities, they are changing the course of the future before our very eyes. This is only one example of so many disruptive innovations that are making their way into our business economy, and eventually, our everyday lives. Let's take a look at a few of the elite companies, working their way into the future, through innovation.

3 Companies Doing Amazing Things You NEED To Know About

Take a look at these three companies, and take notes. They are on their way into the future of where business is going. These are the visionaries, paving the way, and enjoying every second of it.

CTRL Collective: CTRL Collective exists to inspire future thinkers. They are a home for aspiring and established entrepreneurs looking to create, mold, and shape the future. The environment they've created is purpose-built to inspire innovation and propel new ideas. They've built two creative campuses, designed to be places where amazing innovation takes place.

"We believe that the place you choose to work should be as exciting as what you're working on. Ctrl Collective is not just a shared workspace, but a curated experience from beginning to end." -CTRL Collective

Lowe's Innovation Labs: Did you know that Lowe's has their own in-house incubation lab? They've built this arm of their company to gain a competitive advantage, by creating a business model for innovation using disruptive technology, which will inspire the path for the future. Lowe's Innovation Labs are the disruptive technology hub for Lowe's Companies, and they are designing the world we will all live in. Listen below as to how they are changing the world of retail through 3D printing.

Moxie: They originally started out as a marketing and advertising firm, and quickly grew into something that is much more. Moxie helps big businesses (i.e.: Nike, Coca-Cola) change their platforms to get them ahead of the tech curve, so they can avoid becoming followers. Big brands, like these, need to be ahead of the game, blazing their own trails, by being 'future thinkers.'

"We have seen how fast industries that have been around for decades can be disrupted because technology allows people to do things at a scale and speed that has never possible before, when those consumer behaviors change, the very nature of business changes." -John Rich, Moxie, Future Experiences

Ready to Blaze Your Own Trail?

Having a 'Skunkworks' advanced research group in or around your organization is the hallmark of an innovative company. Although, most companies cannot afford to subsidize this kind of department on an on-going basis. For that purpose, outsources exist, (like 3D Start Point and Moxie) and have grown in popularity because they are able to help you sort out how disruptive technology might change your products and business future.

When a group of people work on a project in a way that is outside the usual rules, the end result is radical innovation. By looking at options, and possibilities in a way you've never looked at them before, a whole new world will open up in front of you.