A centuries old game is taking the business world by storm in a very new way, and I wanted to know more about the whole thing. So I tracked down the expert, bestselling author Jim Egerton, to learn more. Jim's book, Business On The Board: How the World's Greatest Game Can Build Better Leaders is teaching the front-runners necessary business and life skills through a game-based approach, applying the theories of chess to real-life.

Top leaders like Paypal's, Daniel Schulman and billionaire Richard Branson are avid Chess players. We can not only learn winning lessons from the Grandmasters, but also from famous opponents too. Bill Gates even played an infamous game against Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. Spoiler alert: although Gates lost, every move has been analyzed to show telling insights into his weak spots in not only the game but how he has built his business.

Getting ahead in your business career may be as simple as embracing a better way to practice and improve your decision-making, and empower your leadership skills with improved strategic thinking using one of the oldest and most popular games in the world. 'Business on the Board' reveals how strategies and tactics used in business are derived from chess.

It's All About Having A Game Plan & Vision

Successful leaders in today's world understand this simple truth of business: without a vision and understanding of the bigger picture, failure is always just around the corner. This is true because, in order to understand the incremental steps and all of the variables creating the shifts, you have to be able to see everything, all the way down the line, into the future... the whole picture, not just one piece.

While the big-picture vision allows you to understand the future and where you are going, the incremental gains allow you to continue winning, with forward momentum. Too often in business we are looking for the big win and have overlooked all the small ones, to the point that we didn't even realize we were losing. Balance is incredibly important, and this is one more area the strategies of chess can teach you to be better, more aware, and incredibly deliberate. Through Chess you can experience the macro vision and bring it right down to the micro and take the next move.

Chess Provides Us with a Powerful Metaphor for Business

Business is also a game that should be played with strategy and purpose, and these are skills you learn while playing chess. Through learning the game, you can gain a new perspective on how to figure out the situations you face, determine what needs to be done, and then take necessary actions to create a better reality.

In 'Business On the Board' the skills, the game, and everything else you are wondering right now, are all broken down into digestible, simple steps and applications, so you can begin applying what you're learning right away. If I could sum up the most valuable pieces of knowledge Jim shared with me, it would be this: "There is no practice in business. Constantly working on the firing line means a potential win or loss with every decision. With this in mind, we can look at chess as a powerful vehicle for practicing leadership, and strategy generation."

Gaming for Every Generation & Every Stage of Business

If Chess just doesn't sound like your generation of gaming, think again. Disney could have easily done a hip gaming rags to riches story but instead chose to produce new movie, Queen of Katwe. It's the amazing inspirational story of how teen chess prodigy, Phiona Mutesi, made her way from the poverty of Uganda to live her dream of becoming a Chess Grandmaster.

Chess shared through Jim Egerton's Business on the Board gives you a place to rehearse your business decision-making skills by breaking down an incredibly smart way to practice the skills you need to develop the most, with the least amount of risk, and that is something everyone in business can benefit from putting you on track for one smart move at a time leading up to your big win. Put away your controllers and dust off your Chess board to give your business a strategic and tactical advantage.