Crafting your brand messages and tag lines to be impactful and memorable is not just important for those entering a Shark Tank-style pitch. It is a marketing requirement to create sound bites with all audiences, on-line and off-line. Best selling author and master publicity strategist, Jill Lublin helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to refine both company and personal brand messaging because very likely you are the brand and the story too.

Her technique is to have you first reflect a problem in the marketplace today. Jill Lublin coaches her clients to capture attention and be concise, very concise identifying that "the problem today is..." Then you can move on to why you are or have the solution in an "interesting and relatable way and, of course, giving it a little ooh and ahh." The core message should never be so narrow that it becomes inflexible, or so all over that it shifts from one thing to another. You can and should tailor for a particular audience or situation, but it should feel like flavors of the same core message.

Memorable messages and brands that get noticed and generate the most publicity are those that have the following five characteristics:


When you are consistent about the content of your message and when you send out your message, it makes it easier to grow followers. They know what to expect and when. In one of my favorite new podcasts, Ken Courtright's Today's Growth: Growing Business Today, Ken Courtright tells a story about how he received an irate phone call from someone when he first started blogging because he was traveling and didn't post up a blog on a particular Monday morning. The company had begun to use his blogs for sales training on the same day and had nothing to teach that day. Delivering your message, brand and tag lines consistently are as important as any other content when you want to grow followers for your business. On that note, the Today's Growth tag line is very catchy: "Grow any business, in any industry, at any time."


You must keep spreading your message to audiences that need to hear it. The big guys never stop spreading their brand and you can't either. Being persistent can help you be in the right place at the right time, however make sure to not to become annoying.


Different than persistent, constant means that you are always putting you or your brand message out there. Attention getting is a crowded market. You can't expect to be found amid 500 million tweets per day if you only send one. You need your tagline to become catchy and "a part of the lexicon, so constantly put it out there."


It is easy to lose attention with too much marketplace noise, so messages and tag lines need to be focused and impactful. An impactful brand tagline or message needs to grab the heart and mind at the same time. It clarifies your brand identity and message into its essential elements. It is fine for the message to evolve and be refined throughout the start-up phase when things are unfolding, but focus should remain on the most relevant core benefits.

Repeatable to the point of being repetitive

The goal, according to Jill Lublin is to "create familiarity in the marketplace because of the recognition and the repetitiveness." This is key from the very beginning and probably one of the hardest things for creative entrepreneurs who might even get bored with saying it again and again. But it is precisely the repetition of a tagline that gives it the memorable power.

Just because you don't have the budget and power of a big brand, doesn't mean you don't have a value and benefit to convey. "Unlike the big guys, you have the advantage of a creative mindset and flexibility, says Jill Lublin. Entrepreneurs are able to make quick advantageous adjustments that would take eons by today's market speed standards to approve by committee.