If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does that translate to in dollars? How much is a good, top quality, well-designed picture actually worth? In terms of product perception, branding, and design, a picture is worth whatever your business is worth. Because this is what's riding on each image you put out, or hire someone to put out, on your brand or product.

It seems now, through social platforms, not only are businesses selling products, and influencers selling themselves... but everyone else is selling their life, not for money, for interest, for interaction, for attention, and for double taps. A friend put on an Instagram course for cohesive branding and design, and half the people who showed up just wanted to learn how to make their personal Instagram pretty and desirable. So, as a designer, not only are you competing with other designers, other products, and other businesses, you are competing with everyone's pictures, everywhere, all the time. There has never been a more "now" time to step up your game as a pro.

A thousand likes

Talking about this growth potential in photo design, Ross McKegney, Director of Engineering for Adobe Dimension, and Zorana Gee, Adobe Dimension Group Product Manager, gave me insight into how they have been innovating. Their goal is to try to open up Dimension to a massive (and growing) 2D design community, to show what is possible, and how to improve services and offerings. Dimension is a gateway into 3D, in a more simplified way, for designers who are at that edge, ready to phase up and out.

Most companies today, that are using 3D, are in the manufacturing part of the process. But by the time you get down to the designers, working on a new version of the product, there's a gap, and the communication seems to fall off.

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Why 3D and photo realism grows marketing and brand perception

There's 2 aspects of photo realism that are really important.

  1. Having something look like it was taken as a photograph.
  2. Being able to visualize something in context in real life.

If you are creating packaging for coffee beans, a white background isn't equivalent to seeing the product in a busy coffee shop, where it will be sold, and where it will be purchased.

There have been so many times I have taken a product to Target and literally put it on the shelf, to show competition, to show what it will look like on the shelf, and to show the product in the environment it will be sold and purchased.

Moving into the 3rd Dimension

According to their design team, "Dimension allows you to rapidly create photo-realistic renderings of objects and scenes 5 times faster than conventional methods." Oh, and did I mention it's all 3D in a virtual space? Think about the things 2D design tools just cannot do and keep in mind that timing for our visual content needs outpaces new product availability. You might have to create listing before packages are printed or need to hit the ground running and can't wait for product to do a lifestyle photo shoot. The better our tools get, when it comes to design, the less time we have to spend on renderings. For me, this is about productivity more than anything else. Because time is the most expensive thing money can buy.

Game changing high quality 3D in record time

After looking at the benchmarks they ran, here's what I can tell you: Dimension simplifies the virtual photo studio, allowing you to create high-quality 3D renderings in less time, with less resources, than anything I have ever seen. In conjunction with Adobe Stock, add to that access to over 4,000 3D assets. Most of the time, when people say "game changer", it isn't, but this time... it most definitely is. In short, Dimension claims to Redefine 3D visualization of graphic design, and after everything I've seen, I can't argue with that statement.

We are already seeing different pieces of industries trickle into the realm of 3D, and this is no different. The way we stage products is changing, the way we sell products is changing, the way people want to see products is changing, and the expectation attached to all of those things is also changing. How much are your pictures worth?