Love is in the air and popping-the-question videos are on my social media feed all the time. I expect that more now that Valentine's Day is approaching. I am truly amazed by all the effort and expense being put into the proposals, including making sure that there is a photographer or videographer stalking or standing by to capture a personal moment.

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This is fresh in my mind because my daughter, Alexandra recently got engaged to her filmmaker boyfriend, Jonatan. He called me before the proposal frustrated with figuring out how to balance the private moment and still capture it on camera to share with the rest of us and preserve forever. We both sifted through many very expensive options until he came to the conclusion that Alexandra might be more annoyed with the photographic intrusion than pleased. Jonatan is not alone. Recognizing that struggle and innovating a solution is exactly how four guys, Scott Bahash, Scott Brandonisio, Russell Fyfe and Sam Tzou, got their idea for the Ring Cam.

The Ring Cam, is a video camera placed in the top of a ring box that captures the proposal and reaction in real time. You can rent or buy the Ring Cam box from their website where they teach you how it works and provides tips, diagrams and videos for getting the best results. Tested and refined with feedback from over 1000 proposals, it is simple to operate and connects via USB to your computer to save your video. It is even designed for those too nervous to think straight. It can be rented for up to four weeks and records up to 90 minutes so you can turn it on while you find just the right moment.

Even more brilliant than their product is their sales partnership program for jewelry stores to grow their business through rapid referrals. Making heroes of the local jewelry store by offering the coolest concept in proposals at the exact right moment. As championed by their "Sarketing" partner, Michael Byers of The Byers Group, this sales + marketing strategy is not only a one-stop shop service program but helps the jeweler to build a relationship with the couple as they come back to share their story, return the box and get the ring resized. Creating an opportunity for marketing, referrals, sales and relationships full cycle through this happy time is a win for all, including the happy couple.

Don't despair if you are a little worried that your Valentine's Day might be ring-less, you can send your special someone a hint courtesy of the Ring Cam team. The "Little Nudge" comes complete with a free engagement ring, coupon for a Ring Cam and an anonymous hint to get married already!

I was proposed to on a second hand couch with a diamond that my daughter called a pebble. After 24 years of marriage, the memory is still fresh in my mind as one of the most loving and life-altering days of my life even without video evidence. So, here is my advice for an innovative proposal with or without a Ring Cam:

Put thought into it before money.

Make it personal.

Make it about her or him.