When we talk about AI and artists, the air usually sucks out of the room. Will we focus our conversation on replacement? Or will we discuss the dangers? Better yet, will we at least talk about how the two are non-comparable? The answer is no... because even though the fear is swirling around artificial intelligence, the truth backing up that fear is much more exciting. To learn more about this, I talked to Daniel Harris, CEO of Full Circus, which is a creator marketplace focused on utilizing human-assisted machine learning and predictive analytics to value and pay video creators for their content on demand.

Full Circus says it wants to boost the creator economy and give more to the creators by adding AI. The company is also an example of how humans and machines can work together--an alternative to the popular story line about an inevitable robot takeover.

Curating the Experience

Harris' list of achievements is about a mile long and most impressive. He recently served as lead Investor & Non-Executive Chairman of the largest independent EDM concert production and talent buying company in the Northeast Region. An early digital disruptor, Harris secured the first legal downloadable movie clips from a major studio, when that was the next big thing on the horizon. A seven-year partnership with Microsoft Corporation ensued which resulted in launching MediaPass (sold in 2010) and becoming Microsoft's No.1 digital content supplier along side channel partners including Yahoo and MTV before spearheading the launch campaign for Vevo. 

Creator Based- Built Around Data

All of this past experience laid the groundwork for where Harris is right now, again curating a valuable experience for everyone involved in the process, protecting the creators, and establishing a moral baseline in the process. To the team at Full Circus, data equals discipline. It's easy to think that we know what's cool, but it's so easy to get off track, especially in such a massive ecosystem where change is exponential. So Full Circus is providing an alternative to the algorithmic programming, and with a quality edge to it.  

Lowest Common Denominator

As Harris so aptly put it, content on social media today  is really lowest common denominator programming, where the goal is to get as many likes and clicks as possible. "There's a lack of emphasis on the quality and the esthetic of the content where it's having a meaningful impact on the world." The goal should be to create and curate content that is entertaining plus inspiring... because the gimmicky LCD programming gets old. And everyone is missing out on a critical piece of storytelling that is inspiring and empowering

Closed Network Model

Right now, Full Circus has placed their emphasis on finding the creators. Their closed network model means that a creator off the street cannot go to their site and begin submitting videos. For expectation management, and to sustain their level of momentum, they are also working hard to  manage the network, which right now consists of about eleven hundred video creators with five hundred fifty being the top echelon. 

Bring On The Influence

Part of their model also includes influencers who can use the videos to gain stickiness, and host the videos, presenting them as their own with their own branding. With this angle, Full Circus hopes to be the champion of the independent content creator. Content has to be top notch, it has to have a certain cool and wow factor, it has to inspire... how does a machine do this? So, while they started with data, it's now human assisted. Where the team goes out and gathers the coolest, best content right now, they use this to build on the data- which is what builds the business, letting the data drive the business. The data validation is still necessary in the creator network, because there are so many nuances. 

In Creators We Trust

With innovative companies like Full Circus, creators can cut out the middle man, seek platforms where they are guaranteed fair compensation, back their work- past and present- with data, and maintain their work as exclusive. This is how we team AI with creators to boost the creator economy, to support the true artists and creatives, and to make sure both sides, creators and consumers, are getting the upside. Full Circus is attempting to crack the code between the influencer communities and the creators whose content will resonate within those communities, redefining what it means to be a creator, and taking away their worries about what will resonate. 

In the words of Bob McCandless, AI Innovation at Full Circus, "I am a firm believer that the most valuable jobs in the future will be in the Creator Community. As the traditional labor or knowledge worker jobs are replaced with AI driven robotic solutions, this will free their human counterparts to spend more time exploring the ideas and creations of free-thinking humans who entertain and inspire. The society that understands this early and shifts their economy to these endeavors will ultimately be more successful and sustainable." Which just goes to show, when we are able to look past the fear, what's left is astounding possibility.