Wouldn't it be great if you could close out the world and the time pressure and calmly focus on only the next critical shot in front of you just like Villanova Wildcats forward Kris Jenkins? With a strong belief system, commitment to goal-focused mental performance and practiced daily intentions, you can. That's according to Extreme Focus mental performance coach Dave Austin, who says you can "be a beast" in your business by adopting daily habits that train you to "become a champion in anything."

The reported statistics on retention from business lessons and a good business seminar hovers around 12-13%. Austin says Extreme Focus coaching achieves a 92% retention rate. The key is its use of a visualization concept involving animal models. "Animals add a useable and translatable trigger that increases retention of the mindset to adopt, allowing you to put it into play quickly and instinctively," says Austin.

When I began reading Austin's book Be a Beast, flashes of the movie Couples Retreat kept playing through my mind. Was I going to find myself a mule instead of a lion? When I got to the chapter about the Armadillos, I thought, here it goes. I'm Vince Vaughn. Instead, I realized quickly that matching a mindset concept with an animal visualization is brilliant. So what is the ideal animal to emulate to have Kris Jenkins-like results under pressure?

"To make that kind of shot it takes great physical and mental preparation," says Austin. He knows this first hand not just from the athletes and business executives he has coached, but also with his own son. Shane Austin has taken his arena football team in for the win at the final buzzer eight times. Yes, eight times! So what does it take to be in the moment, extremely focused and able to increase your odds for a win?

Focused Business Champions Become Falcons

Using the animal anchor of a Falcon named LASPRO for Laser Productivity, Austin trains you to zero in on the one thing in the moment and under pressure. Falcons are one of the fastest moving accurate creatures on Earth. They can dive to catch prey at over 200 miles per hour and hit their mark every time. Physically built for laser-like accuracy, young falcons practice to become exceptionally skilled. Austin advises that "adopting your own laser focus like a Falcon puts you in a mindset to see only what could be instead of the what if. Under pressure you are most tempted to let the nerves distract you, but if you shift into a commitment to LASPRO you snap back into the right action." While this is not a guarantee that you can make the shot, it gives a significant increase in the odds of success.

Being a Beast is the "defining moment when the game is on the line, and the difference between winning and losing is only a matter of inches." So whether you have to win this point, close this sale, or land this investor, tapping into your "animal guides" can move you from panic to patience, up-leveling your game and your business.

Published on: Apr 7, 2016