Something we can all agree on, when looking at the world of business, is that most entrepreneurs never actually evolve out of start-up mode. A lot of the time, in a start-up (especially with a creative type at the helm) there is a false belief that every aspect of the business must rely on you, must be controlled by you, and must be run by you. Otherwise the business will not be able to function. This limiting belief will prevent your business from growing to its full potential, and is one of the main reasons why a lot of start-ups never leave that initial mode of continuously starting-up.

Strategy Isn't Just A Business Buzz-Word

In order to change this truth for your business, you have to put in place strategies that are proven, to build predictable results, which will equal measurable success. This formula to freedom, aka The Freedom Formula is just one piece of wisdom I picked up from CEO, lifelong entrepreneur, and creator of The Unshackled Owner, Aaron Scott Young.

The biggest truth that Aaron Scott Young is teaching, in The Unshackled Owner, is this: If you can learn to systematize all of those details and the pieces that require attention, but not necessarily your attention, you will free up more time that you can actually focus on the creative aspects, innovating, and moving your business forward. The operational side of your business shouldn't have to rely solely on you to function.

Aaron is using his knowledge in business, along with his experience as an entrepreneur to teach some very basic, but incredibly helpful, keys to unlocking the success you are seeking. A mature business, and business owner are happy knowing that their business has built-in systems that will allow it to thrive, sans micro-managing. With Aaron's formula, he is helping businesses everywhere leave the start-up mode by teaching them to systematize the nitty-gritty details, which in turn maximizes ROI, allowing the business itself to grow and prosper.

The 3 T's to Unlock the Chains and Move Into Grown-Up Mode:

Target - Start with getting super clear on the outcome you want to achieve. How will you know when you're successful? Why are you seeking this outcome? Why are you doing this? As soon as you name your objective, the path to get there starts to become very clear.

Team - A lot of entrepreneurs are really bad at hiring. Fear prevents you from hiring top-notch, qualified employees, which ends badly for everyone involved, even you. Bring on an amazing HR person and let them go to work doing what they're best at, which is getting the best people on the bus from the beginning. As Aaron says, "Surround yourself with people who 'play' at the things you have to work at."

Trust - If you don't have the courage to trust in, and empower your team, they will never function past your level of capacity, because you will create a bottleneck. This is how so many entrepreneurs end up failing because you are placing an unnecessary cap on your potential success. Employees who are empowered in their jobs, make everything they touch their own. They take ownership, essentially becoming 'intra-preneurs', dedicated to the objective you've laid out.

Innovation and Creativity Aren't Lost

Focus is how those of us who are creative and believe that we need to be in control of every little detail can grow our businesses, to not only be big, but to also be able to operate without us. Most of us are completely entwined in our company and don't know where it ends and we begin. While it is critically important to maintain Innovation and creativity, in a systematized business it actual will free you up to have more time to devote to the strategic and visionary things that will continue to make your business innovative.