It's no secret that our world has taken a tremendous turn towards all-digital-everything. So when Kody Bateman, founder of Send Out Cards, and author of Promptings: Your Inner Guide To Making A Difference, built a company by going physical in the midst of a digital world, it seemed market counter-intuitive. Yet, for a business based on the idea that people still like to receive cards in the mail, the company is thriving by embracing technology.

According to Bateman, the concept for Send Out Cards was born out of a missed prompt in his own life he still wishes he acted upon. Understanding the importance of being able to connect with the significant people in our lives, Bateman wanted to offer a service that combined handwritten letters and cards. From this, Send Out Cards was born and they haven't looked back but instead looked forward pivoting the company to provide digital options to simplify and streamline the entire process and integrate better with today's consumer.

Personal Touch Counter Trends

There will always be gaps in the market, as well as counter trends to the ones dominating the marketplace. The perfect counter response to a tech gaps is high-touch, personalized design. Send Out Cards is capitalizing on this truth by offering the world a way to connect to anyone, anywhere, at any time in a way that is unique to the relationship at hand.

By mirroring off-line personalization touches like personal pictures, handwriting fonts, signatures, and even real stamps, Send Out Cards has captured the best of both worlds. A quick, easy, manageable way to connect with those who mean the most to you when you feel prompted to do so either from your computer or mobile device.

"What I'm learning is when you have a thought, a prompting, that you need to reach out to someone in kindness... that thought comes into your mind and is back out of your mind in about 30-seconds. If you don't respond within those 30-seconds, it usually doesn't get responded to." - Kody Bateman

Acting upon this idea of response speed and living in a do-it-yourself world, Send Out Cards has created a digital platform to allow their users to be the graphic designer, the photographer, and the artist all-in-one. Even if you are not design-savvy, there are built-in tools in the way of templates and existing designs that can be personalized however the user desires that also increase response speed. The drag-and-drop user friendliness provides a quick and easy alternative to the handwritten letter that will actually make it to the mailbox.

Challenges Bridging the Personal and Digital

Technology is, more often than not, looked at as something that prevents personal connections. Through Send Out Cards, Bateman is changing that by, instead, relying on the convenience and accessibility of technology to encourage connections more often than ever before.

Finding that balance is the challenge for what began as a marketing sales company. For Send Out Cards to transform into a company that embodies tech, design, and innovation, they have had to re-frame the mindset of every department in their company from the top down, even changing the way they hire. Change of any kind is is always hard but when there is a corporate culture change, there is a high risk of falling into old patterns. Kody Bateman intends to make sure that that they "learn to find balance between the physical and digital worlds we live in" alongside their customers.