Meeting Makenna Riley on the red carpet at the City Gala event blew me away. I knew I had to share her perspective with you on why you need a kid advisor to propel you and your business into new and creative growth. Makenna is the daughter of inventor and award-winning TV host, Forbes Riley, so it's no surprise that she is blazing trails fast and early. Being a kid allows Makenna a fresh perspective and makes her privy to kid information you and I just don't have. Of course we gain as we grow into adulthood, but there are things we give up as well. So I want to talk about that first.

Logic Faces Off With Imagination

Adulthood brings us into a world of freedom. To gain that freedom, we accept tremendous responsibility; to our work, to our families, to our communities, and the world around us. When this exchange begins to take place, our brains switch from creative mode to logic mode. We are no longer looking at the world as if everything we see is new, because it isn't. We are looking at the world and applying logic. This is great, because that accumulative logic and knowledge is how we find success and navigate the waters. But the missing creativity and imagination is what could be the missing piece of your ultimate success puzzle. Point being: there is a LOT a child can bring to your business.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Is Alive and Well

Makenna is a shining example of how the entrepreneurial spirit and thriving, as we see our job marketplace shifting. As a parent, I can see this spirit in my own daughter, and work hard to encourage this, because you don't have to be a grown-up to understand marketing, or social media (especially social media!), or even how business actually works.

When CEO Space International does their week-long Summer Teen Entrepreneurial Program, I am in awe of the minds these children possess. Empowering our kids to try/fail/succeed and do it all over again will provide wisdom that will never leave them. This type of insight is usually gained in our mid-thirties, so think about the head start they would have in life, with your support.

So What Is It?

What do children have that is so imperative? An open mind. Not you or I working to be open-minded... but an actual open mind. The ability to provide ideas and solutions without any box. It's not thinking outside the box... there is no box. Add imagination to that, and the possibilities are endless. Add the energy and the humor of a child, and you've got pure magic. Maybe Dr. Seuss was being a bit harsh when he said, "Adults are just outdated children" but we get where he was going with it. Children aren't weighted down by life, and so they are free to imagine and play, and dream at will. Something we tend to lose as we grow up.

This is why Makenna believes that children are the next big answer for business, and I must admit, she presents a very compelling case.