Wouldn't it be surprising if at your next meeting the salesperson said, "Is it okay if I tell you no?" In a collaborative approach to sales, Top 10 Sales Guru, Bob Urichuck, CEO of Velocity Selling trains sales leaders around the world how to attract, engage and empower buyers to buy from you. Whether you are a start-up building a new sales force or an entrepreneur selling your own service or product, this results-oriented approach is geared to give you the skills needed to grow your bottom-line.

Too quickly salespeople jump straight to selling points and solutions which is why you feel "sold to and icky" as Bob puts it. Buyers are in control in today's modern sales presentations - armed with information researched on-line, numerous ways to duck calls and emails, and able to get a lot of free content and consulting from any talkative salesperson. Bob 's learning system is geared to give you the simple skills shift the control back to you allowing you to qualify leads and get to Yes/No and out of the "I'll get back to you" stage.

In his best-selling book, his keynote speeches and his on-line course, Bob starts with the 4 Key Steps to Success - A, B, C and D:

A = Attitude

Sales attitude starts with you and cascades into to your attitudes about your company, your products and your clients/buyers. You must develop a strong sense of self especially if fear of 'no' is holding back your sales process.

B = Behavior

Behavior has a direct link to the bottom line because the attitudes you have towards yourself, the company and buyers comes across in how you conduct your sales meeting and follow-up. Shifting behavior is the fastest way to get a better return on time invested in your sales process.

C = Competencies

When the world revolves around sales, this is the place to develop core strength and competencies. Developing focus, listening and empowerment skills can transform your sales fast.

D = Discipline

As defined in Bob's book, Velocity Selling, "Discipline is a commitment, a pledge to a course of action whereby you take on the complete responsibility to 'make things happen.'" Having the discipline to take action and continuously learn is the only way to remove hope from your sales process.

The biggest ah-ha for me from listening to Bob Urichuck's program is the concept that there are five positive outcomes in any sales encounter - Yes, No, Clear Future Follow-up, Referral or Failure. Yes, failure is a positive outcome. To FAIL is your First Attempt In Learning and an opportunity to do better next time. Learning how to sell is a continuous chance to build strong skills that will have the most impact on growing your business.