Search engines are smarter than they used to be. You're probably very familiar with the old SEO tactics such as link farming, and keyword stuffing, but these tactics have fizzled out and are even now categorized as Black Hat SEO--the classification of SEO tactics that are banned by Google and other search engines.

The reason why Black Hat SEO tactics are frowned upon and subject to search engine penalties is because the search engines want to provide their searchers with a good user experience. The way their business thrives is by providing the most relevant information on their search engine. Relevant search results involve websites that are informative and user friendly, not just filled with spammy amounts keywords and rotten links. Consumers are searching for great, fresh information. If these consumers can't find what they are looking for, they go to someone else's site to find it.

The secret for your business's online success really boils down to providing great content. Great content is your fix-all across all of your company's digital platforms. Additionally, you must make your online content relevant, interesting, and high quality, so that search engines will want to rank your site higher. The better the sites they rank, the more people will come back to their search engine. So, include quality content to make sure your website can become one of these high-traffic sites.

Online Content

A blog is a great way to get personal and get away from a stuffy business-only image. People relate to people, and blogs give your business a more human side. Additionally, providing industry-specific information will prove to your current and potential customers that you are the authority on your business and industry. There are several sources to which you can turn for high quality content if you feel that you don't have the creativity or the time to create really great content. Involving your employees will enhance the human aspect of this channel and will also increase your shares as they share their posts with family and friends. Asking your employees or managers if they would like to contribute blog posts about related topics will also increase camaraderie in the office.

Online Engagement

Being involved in the community online is another effective method of getting success from your business's online presence. Have a place for customers to leave reviews and comments, and then respond to this feedback in a timely and courteous way. Your engagement will go a long way to show that you truly care about your customers and your business. I'd love to hear any comments and questions you may have about website content.


Published on: Oct 24, 2014