With the new year right around the corner, we wanted to share some insight on some movers and shakers who will be helping mold the digital ecosystem in 2016. Keep an eye on these people, follow them on Twitter, and most important, learn from them.

Scott Meyer, CEO of Ghostery--Meyer and his team launched a new enterprise-level tool to showcase all of the technologies on any website and how they flow together. He is changing the way we view marketing technologies via transparency.
- http://twitter.com/scottmeyer

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, CMO of Mozilla and co-founder of GrowthVerse--Kaykas-Wolff believes in two key principles: Find opportunities where no one else is looking; and never fail the same way twice. It's a methodology centered on Agile marketing practices and marketing technology.
- http://twitter.com/kaykas

Josh Manion, CEO and founder of Ensighten--Manion has founded a couple of companies, Stratigent and Ensighten. He spun off Ensighten in 2009, and his team has built an industry-leading omnichannel marketing platform that many top enterprises use to market more effectively. Yesterday, Ensighten, a two-time Inc. 500 company, announced an additional $53 million in funding.
- http://twitter.com/joshmanion

Anabella Watson, founder of RentBillow--Watson created a person-to-person rental marketplace. The idea originally was for stay-at-home mothers to generate extra income by letting people pay to borrow unused items around the house. Her vision is starting to take off.
- https://twitter.com/anabellawats0n

Mike Dorsey, founder of DataFox--Dorsey helped build DataFox to become the best way to gain insights about private companies and their sectors. He dabbles in front-end development, algorithms, UI, edge case discovery, sales, backlog grooming, experiments, and automation. DataFox just released the most comprehensive conference database in the world.
- https://twitter.com/mikedorsey

Richard Brasser, CEO of rFactr--Brasser is the foremost expert in helping companies increase the effectiveness and influence of their sales force through the strategic use of social communication. Having created the sales enablement program for some of the world's best brands, Brasser is focused on giving salespeople the means to leverage social communication and build better relationships.
- https://twitter.com/richardbrasser

Sarah Austin, founder of Broad Listening and CodingFTW--Austin helps companies grow through awareness of themselves and their audience members. She combines the power of data and storytelling to drive business. As a female founder in the cognitive computing space, Austin uses her influence to advance women in tech.
- https://twitter.com/sarahaustin

Jason Putorti, designer in residence at Bessemer Venture Partners; co-founder of Votizen and Brigade; lead designer of Mint.com--As a designer, Putorti believes in a user-centered process of choosing a customer, learning needs and behaviors to build deep empathy, and positioning a memorable experience at the intersection of those needs and a business outcome.
- https://twitter.com/putorti

Mark Organ, CEO of Influitive--Organ is the founder of Eloqua's new company, Influitive, which scored $30.5 million in Series B funding in July. Organ and his team are building a digital marketing business that calls itself the "advocate marketing expert."
- https://twitter.com/markorgan

Jeffrey Pruitt, CEO and chairman of Ethology; founding partner and CEO of Tallwave--Previously, Pruitt served as president of iCrossing, where he drove the development and growth of the largest independent search agency. During his tenure, revenue grew from $2 million to $100 million.
- https://twitter.com/jeffreypruitt

Vincent Mifsud, CEO of ScribbleLive--ScribbleLive is the leading content marketing software platform that helps businesses grow and expand the top of the marketing funnel using big data. The all-in-one SaaS solution combines predictive analytics with content planning, creation, and distribution technologies to deliver optimized business results.
- https://twitter.com/VincentMifsud

Andrew Davis, CEO of Monumental Shift; author of Town Inc.--As the founder of Monumental Shift, Davis teaches marketers how to get rich by targeting a niche so they can grow their business, attract smart talent, and even save a city.
- https://twitter.com/TPLDrew

Jessica Alba, CEO of the Honest Company--Alba is not only a world-famous actress and model, she is the mastermind behind the Honest Company, a business dedicated to safe household products. She's brilliant, bold, eco-conscious, beautiful, and hilarious. What's not to love? Alba is an inspiration.
- http://twitter.com/jessicaalba

Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz--Fishkin co-founded what is today one of the marketing world's fastest-growing software companies, Moz. Based in Seattle, Moz focuses on serving professional marketers with analytics and recommendations for improving web traffic and customer acquisition through inbound channels such as SEO, social media, content marketing, and more. Fishkin's Whiteboard Friday videos are legendary, must-watch marketing magic.
- https://twitter.com/randfish

Taylor Rhodes, CEO of Rackspace--Rackspace helps organizations adopt and manage cloud strategies that align to their business and IT goals while navigating the complexity of the rapidly changing cloud landscape.
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylorrhodes

Kobie Fuller, venture capitalist at Accel Partners--Fuller thinks through all things marketing technology--working with e-mail service platforms like Campaign Monitor, usability testing services like UserTesting, and marketing automation vendors like Invoca and AdRoll. Fuller also spends his time focusing on augmented and virtual reality technologies, working directly with Emergent VR and Osmo.
- https://twitter.com/kobiefuller

Daniel Almog, CEO of Tapingo--Tapingo provides merchants with a powerful new revenue opportunity. By placing your products in the hands of your customers and potential customers at the right time and place, Tapingo creates an efficient and effective additional sales channel--right at your customers' fingertips.
- https://twitter.com/allzewe

Dave Asprey, founder and CEO of Bulletproof; author of the New York Times bestseller The Bulletproof Diet--Asprey is a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur who spent two decades and more than $300,000 to hack his own biology. He is definitely one to keep your eye on.
- https://twitter.com/bulletproofexec

Davyeon Ross, COO of ShotTracker--An innovative technology leader and widely recognized entrepreneur, Ross has more than 14 years of experience in the technology space. He is a co-founder of ShotTracker and a partner at BlackOps Dev, a software development and investment firm.
- https://twitter.com/davyeonross

Lior Tamir, CEO of Accomplice--Tamir and his team have been building Accomplice, the first online marketing service to optimize ad spending across all the major channels (Facebook, AdWords, Twitter, etc.) automatically. You set a budget with one concrete goal (such as SaaS signups or app downloads), and then ads instantly launch across all platforms from a single dashboard. Definitely a #MarTech #AdTech tool to keep an eye on.
- https://twitter.com/drliortamir

Marcelo Claure, CEO of Sprint--Sprint brought on Claure to turn the company around. Since he's taken over, Sprint's user base has grown, and while the stock price is still low, the company is gaining some positive momentum. Watch the carrier in 2016, as it has some interesting moves on the horizon.
- https://twitter.com/marceloclaure

Michael Osborne, CEO of SmarterHQ--Osborne is an executive with SaaS and enterprise sales, technology services, team leadership, and motivational strengths. Currently executing on a fantastic vision at Smarter Remarketer, he's growing the leadership team and working to win the best clients in the industry.
- https://twitter.com/osborneosborne

Jessica Scorpio, founder and director of marketing at Getaround--Scorpio created Getaround to leverage the one billion-plus cars on the planet for a cleaner, smarter, and more efficient transportation system via a marketplace for peer-to-peer car sharing.
- https://twitter.com/jessicascorpio

Chris Brinkworth, marketing technologist and omnichannel data expert--Brinkworth not only knows the products in the marketing technology landscape and how they best work together, he also knows the people that make those technologies and can introduce you to the founder of each company. He is one of the most connected digital marketers in the APAC region. Tag management, cross-channel identity, attribution, personalization, programmatic advertising, and marketing automation are just a few of his favorite things.
- https://twitter.com/chrisbrinkworth

Murray Newlands, founder of Due.com--Newlands regularly contributes to Forbes and Entrepreneur. He is also an adviser to the Draper Nexus Network of Things Fund that invests in IOT companies.
- https://twitter.com/murraynewlands

Michael Gokturk, CEO of Payfirma--Gokturk took a company public and started a new one three days later. He is a payments guru changing the way we pay.
- https://twitter.com/michaelgokturk

Chris Kovac, entrepreneur, speaker, startup mentor, and digital marketing thought leader--Kovac is a partner and mentor at the BetaBlox startup accelerator and CEO of KovacDigital, a digital marketing consultancy. He is also a co-founder of an agribusiness startup, KindBeef.
- http://twitter.com/chriskovac

Peter Daisyme, CEO of Hostt--After being an accountant for more than 20 years, Daisyme started his own company. Forty-two days later, it got acquired. Not six months later, he was at it again, using his knowledge to help people across the globe.
- https://twitter.com/peterdaisyme

Manny Fernandez, CEO of Dreamfunded--Fernandez is passionate about encouraging and building startups. He was named the 2014 SF Angel Investor of the Year and has received the Equity Crowdfunding Leadership Award.
- https://twitter.com/mannyfernandez

Dinesh Raju, founder of Referral Candy--Raju builds social tech to unleash the power of word of mouth. He enjoys poker, a good scotch, and occasional robot duels.
- https://twitter.com/dineshraju

John Rampton, founder and VP of marketing, Adogy--Rampton is one of the top marketing experts and journalists in the world. His passion is launching companies and helping them scale online.
- http://twitter.com/johnrampton

Michael Gelphman, founder of the Disruption Institute and creator of the Compute Midwest conference--Gelphman is an entrepreneur, a passionate technology evangelist, and a relentless networker. He is driven by the belief that connecting people changes lives and has an uncanny ability to bring the brightest minds together to discuss big ideas.
- https://twitter.com/mikegelphman

Aseem Badshah, CEO of Socedo--Badshah is working on products that help brands leverage new media to build relationships with their target audience. It's clear to him that the marketing strategies of the 20th century are becoming less effective in an age of democratized influence. That's why he built Socedo.
- https://twitter.com/aseemb

Many of the people on this list will be doing epic stuff in 2016. They have a history of making waves in this industry. Keep an eye on them. Here's Inc.'s People to Watch Twitter list to help you follow and learn from them.

Did we miss anyone? Please share their names in the comments below and tell us why they're worth watching!

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