Somewhere between IT and marketing, there's magic. That's why "Marketing Technologists" are some of the most in-demand professionals of the moment--and they're equally adept at creative and tech skills. From designing algorithms to programming, they're sheer strategists that still have a special place for marketing in their hearts. As a Marketing Technologist, I can say that this is the role I've been leading up to my whole career, as it intersects so many of my skills and experiences. This is true for most Marketing Technologists.

Finally, the ability to have a foot in both worlds is being seen as a boon. A Marketing Technologist is a hybrid that can bridge gaps and disparities, educate both sides, and ultimately help create a stronger company. The ongoing joke within the MarTech world, among Marketing Technologists, is that we are unicorns. In fact, according to FollowerWonk, less than 500 people on Twitter even call themselves a Marketing Technologist today.

marketing_technologists The Confusion Behind Marketing Software

Obviously a marketer needs to understand and use the best "MarTech" for their company. However, that software can be confusing, and it's getting more complex by the day. Marketing Technologists can explain in laymen's terms to marketing departments, while simultaneously helping the tech team see how marketers can utilize this technology.

Technology is Re-imagining Intersections in all areas of Business.

Achieving this kind of intersectional dominance means changing how the entire organization thinks and operates. "Marketing" as a whole is re-imagining intersections in all aspects of business. The reality is that sellers and buyers are engaging on a more regular basis, and those self-service channels of marketing are working side by side with personal interactions.

It's not just marketing and IT that have bigger intersections--it's also marketing and sales. And an oft-forgotten intersection, marketing, and human resources. That's why "sales enablement" is a trending category in marketing technology, and it'll just continue to blossom. It's also why HR Tech is a growing category, as well.

What a Tool!

There was a time, not that long ago, when prospects were handed over to sales from the marketing team. However, with the latest marketing technology, marketing and sales are collaborating to optimize the buyer's journey. It's not enough to simply "have" these tools at hand. They need to be harnessed to make sure there's proper linkage between the two teams. This is where hybrid marketing/sales comes into play. You may have heard the term "Sales Technologist" (and if not, you will in 2015). They're the secret sauce behind making this work. "HR Technologist" isn't too far off, either.

Marketing Technologies At Your Service

Of all the intersections popping up in business, customer service is a big one. It's being driven largely by social media (of course). It's no surprise that customers are demanding fast solutions to problems via social media, and this in turn is defining your brand. With social media management, competitive intelligence, and analytics tools, collaboration between service and marketing is at an all-time high.

It's those marketing automation platforms that are being used more and more often as customer retention strategies. In the early days, these platforms were all about acquiring new customers. Now you can both reel in new customers and help keep them. Of course, this also requires intersections between technologists and creative crews who are producing programs and charged with keeping customers happy.

From finance-marketing to marketing-human resources, intersections are where it's at. That's good news because a lack of communication between teams and departments can make a business fall apart. However, you also need the right marketing technology on hand to strengthen these new relationships.

Like any blossoming partnership, without the right support, you're freestyling it--and how often does that work out on the first try?