These days everyone's struggling with content overload, and so building credibility with thought leaders in your target market is growing more important across every industry. But influencer marketing is hard to do consistently. Influencer marketing startup Little Bird today launched a new version of its technology, with some new features focused on making it smarter, faster, and easier than ever before. Influencer marketing is a competitive field and can be done in different ways. Little Bird, backed by investors like Mark Cuban and Jason Calacanis, and founded by former tech blogger Marshall Kirkpatrick, is focused on discovering the most important people in specific markets and the best opportunities to connect with them, on Twitter and other social networks.

Little Bird is an Influencer Discovery Technology Platform

Little Bird isn't a marketplace for paying influencers to advocate for your brand. It's a technology for discovering the most credible influencers in your market and the best opportunities to engage with them and build a relationship. That makes it especially useful in a B2B context, where thought leaders are rarely available for paid endorsement the way many are in B2C markets.

There's No Other Influencer Platform like Little Bird

With the new launch today, it now lets users do three things that the company says no other influencer marketing technology on the market does. First, you can now analyze where influencers in two different topics or markets intersect. Influence isn't just about popularity anymore; now it's about influence in a specific context. For example, you might be looking for a mobile developer to participate in a marketing campaign targeting B2B marketers. Little Bird can now tell you which influential mobile developers are also influential among B2B marketing thought leaders. That's a sophisticated way to find influencers two layers deep, but many marketers are looking for something faster and simpler. Many are looking for people who are talking about a hashtag or keyword and are influential potential advocates. The new version of Little Bird combines the company's traditional approach of friend-of-a-friend social graph analysis to discover and rank influencers with a social listening capability that pulls in hundreds or thousands of people who have used a hashtag or keyword and then ranks them for influence. This is not just based on their popularity, but in the context of that conversation. Finally, the company is focused on making influencer marketing even easier for non-technical marketers who don't want to dig into all the data and run their own reports. Users can now subscribe by email to reports that they or other users have created. Every morning Little Bird sends out an email with one suggestion for an influencer you should consider connecting with and three hot conversations going on among influencers in your topic of interest. Users can sign up for as many emails as they like each day, making it fast and easy to stay engaged and build connections to thought leaders from inside your email workflow.

Export the Influencers into Highly Targeted Twitter Lists

Access to this tool is something that I've had since its inception, and the data that it pulls is always spot on. In fact, the ability to take these influencers, segment them automatically, export them into a Twitter list is a magical process. If you're looking to discover who's who in any industry, hashtag, geolocation, or keyword, Little Bird will find it for you, allow you to export it, create a list on Twitter, and helps you engage with them to create relationships with those influencers. Many of my curated lists on Twitter are the result of a Little Bird export. Combine that with the functionality of the Nuzzel content discovery platform, and you can find the best content being shared from any of those lists. I've seen a lot of tools and this one is the top one that I've seen for influencer marketing research, so far. If you know of any other influencer marketing tools, please share them in the comments.