With so many emails, texts, tweets, DMs, status updates, and Messenger pings coming at you, Slack is a godsend. For those who live under a rock and haven't heard, Slack is one of the most popular messaging platforms among startups and SMBs. Slack helps eliminate a lot of emails within organizations. Combining Slack with freelancers that are available on-call could revolutionize the way we get things done. Enter Speedlancer's new invention, Shidobot.

Speedlancer is a 500 Startups company which offers a freelance service that pairs highly qualified writers, designers, and data-entry professionals with clients looking to have quality work done in under four hours. The combined product is known as the Shidobot, which is Speedlancer fully integrated within Slack. This enables you to hire short-term freelancers to do projects that will take the "speedlancer" no longer than four hours.

Slack is an open platform, allowing third-party developers access to vital APIs for the crafting of bridge programs. Shidobot, developed by Speedlancer, is one such program. Once set up, Shidobot becomes a member of your Slack team. To send an order, all you have to do is start a conversation with it. All material discussed and files transferred are treated like internal communications. Everything is encrypted, archived, and indexed.

Where Does Slack Fail?

Slack is fantastic for internal communications. It is where decisions are made. However, until now, there has been no way to take immediate action on decisions without an organization using its internal resources. Of course, internal creative teams have many things on their plate--they are strategizing the next phase of the company, and shouldn't have to be occupied with the small tasks.

For me, if I had a task that I needed to finish, I might place a job on Upwork. Those tasks normally weren't done as quickly as I would want. Plus, I had to place a job description, wait for applicants, interview them, and hope they were solid.

Imagine if a company could simply get sh*t done by just clicking a button, sending a short job description, and then going back to working on its business. Speedlancer allows just that.

What Role Does Speedlancer Play?

Speedlancer specializes in providing the highest quality freelancers to companies and private individuals. By integrating this service with Slack, it is possible to make Speedlancer available any time your company needs extra assistance. It is possible to agree to outsource a particular item, have it sent out, and see it returned--all in four hours.

I would say that the experience is like having a new division added on to your company, one dedicated to solving the tasks that could easily be done by someone OTHER than me. This tool has potential.

Speedlancer is the brainchild of Adam Stone, one of the youngest people ever nominated for inclusion in the 500 Startups program. Speedlancer currently consists of 300 vetted freelancers covering a wide range of industries, languages, and skills.

Speedlancer can be used by startups who don't have full-time designers or writers or data-entry gurus, but also by those who do. We have curated the top-quality freelancers, meaning we can help ensure your full-timers are being used for strategic positions, rather than fulfilling odd-jobs for other team members. --Adam Stone, founder

The integration with Slack is the latest forward-thinking step by Stone, whose platform includes innovative features such as active revision, reviews, and pre-acceptance communications. They also routinely weed out lazy freelancers who don't make the grade.

Speedlancer is definitely a tech tool for busy entrepreneurs. By arbitraging the needs of quality (yet under-capacity) freelancers to get access to quick and easy jobs with the needs of fast moving employers, Speedlancer is well positioned to change the way companies get work done.