I had the honor of being invited to Revitalize 2016, an invite-only conference with some of the most conscious people on the planet in Tucson Arizona, September 16-18. At the event, there were yogis, athletes, actresses, actors, doctors, nutritionists, psychiatrists, entrepreneurs, investors, shamans, ironmen, tantric sex experts, a dude who has jumped out of airplanes over 18,000 times, a co-founder of the world's largest men's health organization, Movember, and even Miss USA.

It was the most eclectic group of amazing people that I've ever been around.

I had some conversations with the founding team at mindbodygreen: Jason Wachob the CEO, Colleen Wachob his wife and Chief Brand Officer, Tim Glenister, the CTO and Carver Anderson, the COO, to understand how they worked to curate such an amazing conference.

Talking with Jason he said, "It's a blend of art and science while being community driven. Everyone up on stage is someone mindbodygreen has a relationship with. With all the revitalize content, we have an idea of certain "of the moment" topics we want to cover, put feelers out in our community for ideas and then we see what happens. It really is an organic process - a mix of art and science."

They have a formula for who they invite. The mindbodygreen digital audience is 70% women so they make sure their attendees were 70% women. They also look to create diversity among professions; e.g. They have a limited number of spots for certain professions: they have x number of doctor spots, x number of yogis, x number of pro athletes, x number of actors, musicians, etc.

That's where the magic happens -- when you get two people who share a passion for wellness but would have never connected in the real world.

The results of their curation created some of the most interesting conversations throughout the resort. Everywhere you looked, it seemed like someone from the event was there. It turns out, everyone was actually there for the event. mindbodygreen actually bought out every room at the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain.

"We also buy out the entire resort so you're either an invited guest of ours or you are not on the property. This creates a safe environment where everyone is more open to the magical spontaneity that happens at revitalize versus other events. The service of the Ritz is also tough to beat and we only do buyouts so that we can create a safe and magical environment for our celebrity and VIP guests." Wachob offered.

It truly does create a magical environment.

The hope of the mindbodygreen leadership team is to inspire people with world class content and also cultivate community through connecting amazing people who share a common passion for wellness. In terms of speakers/content, they intend to elevate people and ideas to the forefront which they believe are important.

Wachob added, "The goal is to leave each attendee inspired and renewed and ready for the world."

Since I left the event, I've meditated twice everyday, once immediately out of bed and again right before bed. I actually purchased a sweet meditation chair that I placed right beside my bed. I'm down five additional pounds. I feel great and I'm still inspired to help make the world a better place. My glow from the revitalize experience still hasn't worn off and I'm not sure that it will. There was a paradigm shift in my thinking.