There is a new live-streaming video platform out that has social media marketers all abuzz. allows you to stream video interviews via mobile, tablet or desktop. This is a key differentiator from Periscope or Meerkat, other live-streaming leaders in the space. Blab also seems to be winning over the biggest fans of Google Hangouts, making this one platform on which to keep an eye.

Don't call it a comeback!

Because, well, it's not. The Blab team was originally designing a Bebo comeback, but that evolved into a chat app brimming with animation and powered by hashtags. Unfortunately, it just didn't thrive. The team needed to go another direction. The CEO, Shaan Puri, and the CTO, Furqan Rydhan, put the whole team on a two-week hiatus with one goal: Create something that everybody would love.

It forced the team actually to act like a startup. "Make something awesome!" was their job--and they've delivered! In fact, according to Puri, the average time per visitor on Blab is 64 minutes per visit!

Give 'em something to blab about.

What Blab wanted to create were public conversations that were casual. The testing grounds? The city, of course. The seven newly minted "startup teams" started acting like creepers, eavesdropping on conversations, making notes, highlighting the interesting stuff, and eventually randomly joining conversations to "spice things up." It worked! The conversations they stumbled across, like obvious Tinder dates, were hilarious. People are always having what should be personal talks in public, so broadcasting them is an obvious move for entertainment.

So, is it a creeper's tool?

No, not at all. Ultimately, it evolved into "open air space." You can post your live conversations, check out those others are having (who have given the a-okay by joining Blab), or…okay, I guess you can call it creeping. Or lurking. Think of it as a radio station, but much more awesome, and where listeners can join in without calling an 800 number. Or think of it as a late night or sports talk radio show or streaming tv talk show.

You get the old school movie screen as a 4-way on your smart devices, so you can technically see other people (which means eavesdropping doesn't happen). You can chat with your friends, but "air" those chats to the public. The max number of participants is four, so if it's you and one buddy, two other "randoms" can join the conversation.

The best way to check out Blab is to, well, check it out.

Simply sign in to Twitter, click on "Start a new Blab" in the right corner, assign a topic and category, share a link to co-host(s), and accept a caller if you like! It's all in real-time, you can welcome followers, and start growing your audience. Technically, you can Blab by yourself, but you need at least two people for the Blab to "go live" (otherwise, it's not a conversation!)

I've been conducting both spontaneous and scheduled Blabs for just over a week, and the people I am inviting and engaging with on the site are universally excited about the service. --Joel Comm, Internet Pioneer

Your invitation is in the mail.

Invitations are quick and easy. Start a Blab, and then send somebody the URL. They'll see a Join button when they click on the URL, and you can "call them in." You're the host, so you can accept or deny as you wish. Make sure your camera/mic settings are on, and switch to Chrome or Firefox if you're having issues (right now, Blab doesn't play well with Safari and some other browsers).

And if you're worried about (drunken) Blabs coming back to haunt you, make sure you're not Blabbing "on the record." Start Blabbing today, and make sure your social skills are ahead of the curve. The "two hands up" character gives you "feels"/"props" for each Blabber. Use /q for a question, /topic for a topic change, and /shrug or /tableflip to let others know how you're feeling in shorthand.

To start, feel free to add me on Blab, as I'm becoming an occasional blabber, myself. Have something to Blab about? Jump on in an existing blab or start your own! You'll quickly see why is becoming something to blab about to your friends.