It's hard to believe that January of 2016 is almost over already. But before we expire this month, let's do one final look back at 2015 and see the top 10 most shared articles on Inc. Magazine according to metrics from BuzzSumo .

10. Eight Deadly Ways to Kill Employee Motivation

There are events and circumstances that make us feel happy and appreciated. But unfortunately there are also many that kill our motivation. 35,000 total shares.

BY LOLLY DASKAL President and CEO, Lead From Within LollyDaskal

9. This 7-Minute Morning Routine Will Change Your (Work) Life

This routine takes seven minutes each morning before you start work. Will you follow it? 35,400 total shares

BY JOHN BRANDON Contributing editor, jmbrandonbb

8. 9 Things Warren Buffett Says You Should Do to Be Happy and Successful

The legendary investor wants you to be as successful as he is, and he's willing to tell you how. 39,600 total shares

BY MINDA ZETLIN Co-author, 'The Geek Gap' MindaZetlin

7. Bill Gates Predicted Today's Technologies in 1999

The Microsoft founder's forecasts have proved eerily prescient-and a few of them could still turn out to be great startup ideas. 40,802 total shares

BY LAURA MONTINI Reporter, Inc. lmmontini

6. Steve Jobs Knew How to Run a Meeting: Here's How He Did it

At 31 years of age, Steve Jobs left Apple and started NeXT. Here's an inside look at a company meeting, and what you can learn from it. 63,800 total shares

BY JUSTIN BARISO Founder, Insight JustinJBariso

5. Here's What Really Happened at That Company That Set a $70,000 Minimum Wage

Dan Price decided to pay all 120 employees, at least $70,000. Grown men cried. Profits soared. Then things got really crazy. 74,600 total shares

BY PAUL KEEGAN Contributing editor, Inc. PaulKeegan

4. Please Stop Saying These 25 Ridiculous Phrases at Work

These days, workplace conversations can sound like they're taking place on another planet. 83,600 total shares

BY TRAVIS BRADBERRY Author, 'Emotional Intelligence 2.0′ talentsmarteq

3. Want to Raise Resilient Kids? A Navy SEAL Says Always Do This

Improve your resiliency-or teach your kids to be mentally tougher-with these important practices. 84,200 total shares

BY BILL MURPHY JR. Executive editor,, and founder, BillMurphyJr

2. 3 Reasons Millennials Are Getting Fired

A backlash to Milllennials' mindsets at work is causing some to get fired. Here's why. 108,500 total shares

BY J.T. O'DONNELL Founder and CEO, CareerHMO.comjtodonnell

1. 20 Embarrassing Phrases Even Smart People Misuse

Even reputable websites have been caught screwing up these idioms, which spell check often doesn't find. 126,700 total shares

BY CHRISTINA DESMARAIS Contributor, salubriousdish