"Big data" is a big, overused buzzword. Almost all data is at least somewhat valuable-but with good data, you can gain quality valuable insights about the health of your business. What you want is smart data, and you get that when you have quality data. That's the thinking behind the aptly named GoodData, an analytics distribution platform built on decades of investment in (no surprise here!) data.

The big consulting firms are quite bullish on insights from your data.

Booz Allen
Gartner Research
Forrester Research

According to the Forrester report "Treat Information as a Strategic Asset," data is clearly one of the most heavily invested aspects of business and yet also the most underutilized. Without properly making use of this valuable resource, you're doomed to be data bankrupt!

So, what can you do and how can you make data work for you?

Enter Good Data

GoodData is racking up the positive reviews thanks to their easy methods of helping businesses of all sizes unlock their data value. With a one-to-many approach and a focus on customer service, everybody's flocking to GoodData.

The likes of Target, Firehouse Subs, and GED Testing Service are just a few of this business' fans. The company is known for dreaming up, crafting, and then really delivering analytics solutions that are being adopted around the globe.

GoodData might sound like a new company, but they've been around the block a few times. Roman Stanek, a serial entrepreneur, founded the company in 2007. It's one of his many SaaS/cloud companies. Designed for enterprises and easily scalable for use in massive business networks, it's no wonder GoodData has quickly become the go-to solution for the world's biggest companies.

In fact, more than 40,000 businesses rely on GoodData, and most are SMBs. Every day, GoodData analyzes hundreds of terabytes of data in a personalized manner.

A Veritable Treasure Trove

Within GoodData, there are thousands of top quality data products. Each helps you drive up revenue and offer a better value for your customer. Take a look at one of GoodData's happy customers, ServiceChannel. This cloud facilities management platform had been operating for 12 years with over one million customers, but couldn't quite "get" the automated, personalized visualization/analytics.

With GoodData, ServiceChannel got a guaranteed 90-day launch period complete with integrated dashboards in more than 100,000 locations in over 60 countries! It instantly upped efficiency and saved the company a ton of money.

According to the VP of ServiceChannel, Siddarth Shetty, "We are empowering our customers with GoodData's tactical, operational, and strategic insight to change how the industry as a whole makes decisions."

GoodData can be your guide through the big data jungle, empowering your company or enterprise to make use of the best data you have, instead of letting it collect dust.

Like Stanek says, "Even if you're solving problems, it's not enough. You have to have a strategy."

Today, Stanek mentioned that 42 percent of Fortune 500 companies use GoodData. In one fell swoop, with GoodData you can make and manage your target analytics for an enterprise or your SMB. It is certainly a valuable tech tool for entrepreneurs.