3.3 million people pledged more than half a billion dollars on Kickstarter projects in 2014. It can be overwhelming searching through all of the new ideas and often the best ideas can get lost in the noise. I have saved you the time and effort, and curated a collection of my favorite weird and wonderful projects that you may want to invest in.

1. The donut warmer cup
Despite its strange first look, this crazy cup actually makes sense. Tea and coffee always tastes better in a real cup rather than a paper one and now here is one with a built in lid.

2. The phone drone

Would you trust your phone tied to a drone? That's what the Ethos team are relying on. It could be the fastest and cheapest way to get drone technology out to the masses. They recently raised $1.5million on SharkTank when all five sharks invested in their drone business, now they are giving you early access to get your hands on a Phone Drone.

3. The led display purse

Fully programmable, this flashing led purse is amazing. After you have customized it to your mood or current outfit the creative fun you could have with it's animations are endless. If that isn't enough, it even charges your phone.

4. Solar powered plane kit
This plane is a serious upgrade from a paper airplane. Easy to assemble and powered by a solar panel. For big kids and real kids everywhere.

5. Your mini vegetable garden anywhere!

When I lived for 7 years in a condo I longed for a vegetable patch. Eco garden does just that. A combined aquarium provides growth-boosting bacteria and a crop of fresh produce wherever you live.

6. A molecular modeling kit

Derek Muller wants to change the way kids learn chemistry with magnetic atoms that snap together with Snatoms.

7. A pet owl survellance camera

This Kickstarter has already hit over $1 million with it's winking and blinking owl survellance camera from Luxemburg. Finally someone has put some fun into functional motion activated cameras.

8. Build your own mechanical trains and tractors

You will be mesmerized by these kits that you can assemble with no glue into fully functional moving creations. My favorite is the steam train, take a look at this incredible video.

9. Your own jellyfish tank

Jellyfish are hypnotic and relaxing to watch. Now you can have your own tank with Jellyfish Art.

10. Raw chocolate that actually tastes great

I was surprised to see Addictive Wellness chocolate on Kickstarter as I have been eating this chocolate from my local juice bar in LA for the last few months and it is delicious. Usually when you read something is sugar-free and dairy-free it also means taste-free. Not true for this chocolate.

11. Creating monsters from kid's art

The Monster Project is shining a spotlight on kids creativity by turning a child's monster drawing into unique piece of art. Just brilliant.

12. Invest in some baby goats

I am a cheese addict and Dancing Goats Dairy looks like an incredible opportunity to fund the growth of this local goat dairy farm in Newbury Massachusetts.

13. Make Raspberri Pi projects fun

If you know what a Raspberry Pi is, (I had to ask,) then you will love Tingbot. A group of young Brits created Tingbot to simplify the use of the Raspberry Pi single board computer to allow you to design graphics, make your own apps and even use it as a retro games emulator.

Which will you invest in? Or perhaps you are now inspired to launch a Kickstarter for your own idea.