The speed from idea to execution has recently exploded. No longer do you have to wait years to tinker with your idea and figure out how to get funding. Kickstarter alone has helped more than 94,000 companies raise over $2 billion.

Here are eight of my favorite current creative Kickstarter campaigns. You will wish you had thought of these ideas. Perhaps they'll inspire you to come up with your next groundbreaking product or service:

1. Never drop your phone again.

Loopy is so clever, it forced me to upgrade my iPhone, as it is only available for iPhone 6. A simple loop on your phone case makes it easier--and safer--to hold your phone in one hand. The campaign video is brilliantly simple.

2. Create a unique folding lamp.

If you love origami, you will love this lamp. Create your own unique lamp--fold it into your own configuration. Belgian architect Thomas Hick and his team have created a wonderful, creative way to light up any room.

3. Dairy-free dessert.

These plant-based almond milk desserts made by Almetta sound incredible. As a parent of children who had food allergies, I always love seeing healthy alternatives to dairy. Also, they are made in Oregon.

4. Grandma's knitting.

This takes a knitting club to a whole new level. Both my mum and mother-in-law make amazing knitted clothes, toys, and blankets for my three daughters. Wooln matches grandmothers who love to knit with people who want hand-knitted goods made with socially responsible yarn.

5. Personalized 3-D cards.

Five students who met at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark were inspired during a trip to Vietnam to create Nalacards, pop-up cards that can be personalized with a handwritten note.

6. Endlessly creative building-block set.

Picture a set of interlocking building blocks in which all the pieces are the same size. That's what Pinblock is--an endless supply of creative possibilities to produce pixel art and 3-D structures that stretch your imagination.

7. Letterpress printing at home.

My designer created beautiful, memorable letterpress business cards. Now with Slate Press you will be able to print your own cards and stationery with your in-home letterpress machine.

8. Creative cardboard challenge.

Give kids a cardboard box and they will turn it into a boat, train, or castle and play for hours. Jayne Bromfield from Swansea, Wales, has solved some parental frustration with giant boxes cluttering up houses. Bildy kits are easy-to-store cardboard kits for kids and adults alike to play with.

I am always inspired by others' creativity and drive. If you are feeling a bit dry, take some time to recharge by visiting a museum, listening to some new music, or exploring Kickstarter to see what others are creating. In the spirit of what goes around comes around, donate some money to one of these campaigns. You never know when you'll need a boost yourself.