This week I had the opportunity to meet shark Daymond John at the Inc and CNBC IConic tour. I have distilled his words of wisdom into these five quotes and ideas to inspire you:

1. "Never give up what you believe."

Shark Tank was nearly canceled in the first 12 months. It kept getting moved to bizarre scheduling slots, but Daymond and the other sharks persevered and relentlessly worked to make the show a success while fighting to make the best investments in entrepreneurs.

2. "Don't focus on you, focus on what you can give others."

Your business isn't about you, it is about the remarkable value you can bring to your customers. Daymond wanted to get into Yale but never thought he could. Although Daymond didn't achieve his dream of attending Yale University as a student, he has now achieved a bigger dream: He is spearheading a campaign there about living with dyselxia. Daymond is thrilled to be partnering with the university to deliver support to the Yale community.

3. "If you really want something, stop chasing it."

The precise moment Daymond stopped worrying about how to become famous, he became more successful as well as famous (thanks to Mark Burnett and Shark Tank).

4. "The only difference between you and me is that I have a camera on me."

It's easy to watch successful entrepreneurs like Daymond and think you can never replicate their success. I have found that the successful entrepreneurs I work with have an unwavering belief that they can achieve their dreams, just like Daymond. You can believe and succeed too.

5. "Entrepreneurship brings us hope."

Daymond says anyone with a cell phone can run a business. The president agrees and recently appointed Daymond as a White House ambassador of entrepreneurship. He is taking that role seriously. I am excited to follow what Daymond's new incubator will focus on; he hasn't yet decided if it will be supporting kids with learning disabilities or something else.

One thing I learned from talking with Daymond is something that everyone can immediately apply: He is always looking to improve the lives of others. Who wouldn't want to replicate that? What will you do? Remember, you only need a cell phone!